Intel RAID app accel & NEC 2500A



So I installed my brand-spankin’ new 2500A into my rig tonight, and all seemed to be going well… until I tried to burn a DVD. Blue screened about 4 minutes in.

I read through the NEC FAQ/Troubleshooting guide, made sure DMA was enabled, using standard Microsoft IDE drivers, etc. IMAPI service is set to manual. I deleted the drive from Device Manager, rebooted, got the same result (now two coasters. :-/)

Then I took another look at line (5), “Uninstall Intel Application Accelerator.” Sure enough, I’m on an 875 chipset, and using the onboard I/O controller (2 SATA, 2 IDE) with the Intel Application Accelerator RAID edition installed and running.

Problem is, I can’t remove this software without trashing my RAID volume (I’m striped over twin 120 Gb drives).

Here’s where it gets weirder: I downloaded the 1.07 firmware update, but the flasher program routinely & immediately blue screens me. The error is in iastor.sys, which is, you guessed it, the Intel Application Accelerator.

Now, I’m sure someone must’ve gotten this config working, since I see ABS PC selling pre-built rigs with the 2500A on an Asus 875 mobo. Any gurus out there with a more helpful hint than “backup your data, trash the RAID volume, and start from scratch?”

Thanks in advance!


dewd - you have a l33t rig



the intel application accelerator RAID edition should not be a problem, only the normal application accelerator for IDE drives.

Tried installing the latest intel inf drivers?


There is some information about how much data to strip out of the .exe to leave you with just the firmware. Then you could flash it from DOS (using a DOS boot disk or CD). TDB have the neccessary DOS flasher


Finally got this working… for anyone keeping score, the trick was updating the 875P mobo BIOS with the latest from Intel.

Thanks for the suggestions!