Intel push pin heatsink annoyance

I was working in my main computer today, and noticed quite a lot of dust buildup, so I started blowing out dust and cleaning a bit. I was about to clean off the top of my cpu heatsink, when I noticed it was sitting at a little bit of an angle. Two of the pushpins had come loose.

If you’re messing around in the case often, I can see jostling the pins, but I haven’t been in this case in many weeks. The dang things just came loose on their own.

I’ve got it back together now, and checking temps, there is nothing out of the ordinary. 36-38 C at idle using the stock heatsink.

Anyone else have this happen? For some reason I have the strong urge to hot-melt glue them in place. :a


It has happened twice to me,2 different computers. But i usually clean mine out every 4 months anyway so i don’t think it was loose very long.

Well those temps weren’t correct. I went into the bios and I’m seeing 51-52 C at idle there. And Core Temp is locking up my system. Looking online, it seems to be a common problem for that program and Windows 8.1 64bit. They haven’t released a fixed version either, not to the general public.

I’ll keep an eye on things. Maybe this new cpu thermal compound will start giving slightly cooler temps eventually. I used some of my Arctic Silver Ceramic, and they do say it takes a day or so for it to achieve max efficiency.

Can’t say I’m too happy with the design of those push-pins. Its one area where AMD is far superior.

Hmm, is there a proper way to release those wretched things, such that you can re-use- it’s got to be the worst mounting system ever invented.

Those temps seemed very high for idle, and I’m glad I checked it again, cause it still wasn’t seating correctly. Those stupid pins aren’t meant to be reused I have a feeling.

Anyway, its giving high 30’s for idle and I’m doing a test encode right now. Running flat out, in a rather warm room, its showing temps in the mid 60’s to 70C for the cores.

This is probably a stupid question, but why are you using a lousy push pin cooler when there are loads of decent properly mounted, far more efficient coolers on the market.

^Because I’m not overclocking anything and the cooler itself is not all that bad. The fan isn’t overly loud and it keeps the machine running well. I’ve had video encodes going for 12hrs at a time with no issues.

The real problem is the way it is attached, and I may have to replace it at this point. I don’t really trust the pins to stay locked tight after this last episode, though it is doing fine right now.

I’ll do a little research on coolers and see what comes up as both reasonably quiet and has a better mounting system.

[QUOTE=Matth;2727014]Hmm, is there a proper way to release those wretched things, such that you can re-use- it’s got to be the worst mounting system ever invented.[/QUOTE]

Nah, I’d say the worst ever invented was socket-370. Those sockets break so easily they still scare me.

The push pins can be properly released if you rotate them. I don’t remember which direction. There’s an arrow, but I don’t know if it’s telling how to unlock them or how to lock them. They should be rotated one way while it’s being installed/removed, and the other way only when it’s meant to be locked into place. If the pins are locked while pushing them through the board, it might mess them up, and if they’re left unlocked, well, of course that’s also bad news. The push pins do suck though. It adds another reason to use an aftermarket cooler with a different mounting system.

I see Kerry,
I have had many problems with those push pin type coolers, lots of these were in pukker built factory machines. Even in the locked position they have come out.
I think these are really poor and change the coolers when ever I see one that’s come adrift.
As you may have gathered I repair machines for my friends, neighbours etc and only charge for parts at cost.
All of these machines are just ever day types and also don’t need huge coolers.
I have no idea what you have on sale in the US, but I’m sure, like here in the UK there are loads of inexpensive units that fit and work very well. Push pins! yuk, cheap and nasty idea that.

I bought myself a be quiet! Dark Rock Advanced C1 CPU cooler for my PC last year. Very silent even if the CPU is getting warmer and once you manage to mount everything, it won’t move at all.

Very nice Liggy, I was thinking of something along these lines.

That one seems popular and not too expensive.
newegg seem to have hundreds of them, maybe you can find a review.

The evo 212 is a very good cooler and it manages to keep my i5 750 very cool.
It replaced my artic freezer 13 that was using also push pins, one of them broke for no good reason so after that I was looking for a cooler that didnt have any plastic parts or any kind of push pin mechanism.

The 212 evo has a well build mechanism to secure the cooler (it not the best, but for what I paid it is well worth the money), the performance is also very good, and if i remember, it also has brackets to install another fan and have it working in push pull mode or install another fan.

Overall a very good choice for those that dont want to spent a fortune or dont care about O/C that much.

I never had any problems with the intel cooler, but most of the times it was one of the very first parts that was removed from my system:bigsmile:.

[QUOTE=voxsmart;2727055]Very nice Liggy, I was thinking of something along these lines.

That one seems popular and not too expensive.
newegg seem to have hundreds of them, maybe you can find a review.[/QUOTE]

That’s a very nice cpu cooler. But you will need a large computer case, due to cooler is very tall.

Mr. Bill :iagree:

Thanks for pointing that out Mr Bill. :iagree:
I have no idea what size machine Kerry has, this was just an example of what’s around.
I’m sure Kerry can find a decent one that will fit. :slight_smile:

Another vote for Be-Quiet, build quality is awesome, great cooling, and they are near silent.
If you don’t fancy spending that much, then the CoolerMaster 212 EVO is also an excellent choice, as Vroom already mentioned.

Scythe Mugen 2 on my i7 950…was an easy fit in my CoolerMaster Stacker 101…:stuck_out_tongue:

I also use the Be Quiet Dark Pro 2 cooler, ( Dark Rock Pro 3 is out now) ,I am finding everything made by " [B]Be Quiet[/B] is awesome" , they make fantastic PSUs and fans also. The only downside for me was I had to buy Low profile RAM, all my RAM had big heatsinks that wouldn’t fit with the cooler.

In my experiences, the stock Intel coolers generally do a mediocre job of cooling. Same with the ones that Dell uses for the T5400/7400 and T7500 lines. One thing that is aggravating is how crappy the finish is on a lot of these coolers heat exchange plate. I’m really tempted to try sanding my current Intel coolers to get a more polished and flat surface. Right now there are tons of small/micro grooves that just suck up TIM and reduce effective contact.

I switched from a Arctic cooler to a CM Hyper212 and that definitely brought the temps down and under control with my Core 2 Quad Q9550 chip. It is however, very tall so you need to measure the distance from the motherboard to the inside of your side panel. When I finally chucked the Intel cooler for my i5-2320, I replaced it with a Zalman 9500AT2. All copper parts and a relatively quiet fan. Dropped my running temps at 100% load from around 70-75 down to around 53-60oC. Idle temps went down a few degrees C. And the Zalman 9500AT2 is shorter, so it fits inside a smaller case. I just got one for my parents rig and will be installing it next week if my tools don’t get lost in the mail.

Another point that is perhaps small but should be pointed out is that it always helps if you clean the exhaust and intake fans. I just got a free dual Xeon rig from this guy who ran it in his basement. Both the intake and exhaust fans were ridiculously clogged up with dust and pet hair. It was so bad that even the heat sinks were clogged up between fins.

This reminds me I need to break out the Coollaboratory TIM I got a few months ago and try it out…

I never met a push-pin mounted CPU cooler that didn’t look far better in my trashcan after replacing it with a SCREW-MOUNTED CPU cooler

Even though this typically requires removing the MoBo from the case and installing the “iron cross” to mount the CPU cooler to the board…