Intel processor problems



how do I know if my processor is worn out? I have been building a website, and everything was fine until about 4 days ago, all of a sudden it started taking forever to upload files. Now I can’t go online without it locking up, the computer won’t even load outlook. I have another processor, but don’t know if it would be compatible with my motherboard, or would I just be better off changing the processor and the motherboard?


Hi there and welcome aboard!

I have good news for you: it is very uncommon for a CPU to wear out. CPU’s can suffer from high temperatures etc, but it is not very likely.

I don’t know what’s going on in your system, but it could very well be a software problem. Hardware doesn’t know if you’re running Outlook, uploaiding data, playing music etc etc. Of course, certain registers and optimizations are used for certain programs, but a damaged CPU would be my last guess for these problems.

So here’s my question: does your system have any other problems?
I’d like you to check this thread and see if you can conclude yourself what the actual problems are.

If you have any more questions, run into (more) trouble etc etc: feel free to ask us to help you… we’re more than glad to do so :slight_smile:


The first thing I would do is to download Adaware & Spybot (Search and Destroy). Install them both and then update the reference files. Then run both of them.