Intel Pro 100 Ethernet Card has changeable or programmable MacID Number



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The Intel Pro 100 Ethernet Card (about $28 US Dollars) has a changeable or programmable MacID Number.

It is not advertised, per se, by Intel.

Each Ethernet card has a Unique MacID Number.


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What’s your problem? Do you really want to be banned? Read the forum rules, talking about cracking a protection is not allowed! You could get CDFreaks in trouble!!! :cop:

Besides that: your information is useless and obsolete… the things you mention have always been possible for all networkcards… :eek:


Sorry about that…

Just read the rules and don’t see anything that I mentioned to be a violation of the rules.

If you can’t mention copy protection schemes…then you must eliminate most information in the CloneCD forum as the whole forum is devoted to breaking the copy protection schemes for backups.

Also most Ethernet cards do not have a changeable MacID number.


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