Intel P4 Splash Screen

When turning on, or restarting my PC, I get an Intel Inside Pentium 4 splash screen. It seems it takes minutes to go away. I am using an Intel D845GVSR motherboard, but how do I make it go away. I wasn’t there until I installed a new HDD and a XP reinstall. I’d appreciate all opinions. I tried searching, but found nothing. Thanks for you help.

You should be able to disable it from the BIOS

There could be an option like “Full screen logo” or similar in the BIOS which you can disable to better see where the system hangs. You might also try setting BIOS defaults (this will probably show the splash screen again, but could reset other things for you).

Update BIOS, the computer actually does other things than just displaying an image during the time…

Thanks for all your input…problem solved.