Intel P111 597MHz 224Mb which burner?

Hello- What burners are compatible with this ,also i have a Diamond Stealth 111 S540 16MB 4x video card ,and Seattle 2 P 11 440BX ATX motherboard.Do i need to upgrade anything to burn dvd’s? oh yeah is there one that is “dual sided” i think it’s called so i don’t have to turn the disc half way through. thanks

I just thought of something,can i play these dvd’s on a dvd player? i have a player with Divx compatibility but it’s one of those small portable ones and i’d like to play them on a home ent. dvd player. thanks

Yeah you can probably burn DVDs with said machine, but there may be problems. Burning at 16x the data transfer rate will reach 20+MB/sec which may be hard for your computer to keep up with without buffer underruns. Also most commercial DVDs are 9GB and need to be compressed down to 4GB which will take a LONG time with your currrent setup.

CD burning is more up to speed with a computer of this particular vintage, a new DVD burner will cost about $40 and your whole computer is worth about $100 so it may be time to look into a new PC rather than a DVD burner. Most all your questions and any future questions have most likely been answered here already I’d recommend checking out the FAQs, sticky posts and reviews lots of good info there for someone new to DVD burning.

Any NEC internal drive would most probably work with your computer. You would be able to burn at a 8x speed without buffer underruns. If you want to back up movies in one single-layer disk you will need some time (say at least 1.5 hours, much more for higher quality) of dvd shrinking (add the burning time). With double layer disks (much higher cost than single layers DVDRs) the time required is that of reading+burning. Be sure you have at least 9GB hard disk space.
If your home entertainment DVD player is DVD+/- R compatible then there won’t be a problem.
Look around in the Newbie forum.