Intel or AMD for notebook?

I’ve read the extremely useful faq sticky on intel vs AMD.

Which is better for a laptop / notebook ?
Are there other considerations other than noise/heat and power consumption?

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amd athlon 64…jus wait for few weeks

Which is better for a laptop / notebook?

Intel. AMD simply doesn’t have a good notebook chipset available. Intel notebooks right now are faster and have more choice.

Are there other considerations other than noise/heat and power consumption?

Important ones I would think about: weight, screensize, expandability (USB2/firewire).

For a laptop, I would recommend an Intel P4-M (Centrino) processor. AMD doesn’t has a matching processor for laptop/notebook market.

But for a desktop I would recommend to wait for the new AMD 64 process as it will kick ass :wink:

If you can wait, put up some money and go for the for the Athlon 64 mobile. If not, Intel Centrino (based on the Pentium-M) is the best way to go…

Personally, I quite like the Nec Versa P520 notebook…

Thanks for these suggestions everyone. :slight_smile: I will see what bargains I can find. I need something now so can’t afford to wait for AMD 64.
(presumably 64 also refers to the temperature of your lap if it’s in a portable :stuck_out_tongue: )

23rd launch date for amd 64

just 2 days to go…

i wonder who will have the first amd 64 over here :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

But Athlon64 for desktop only. Athlon64 for notebooks wil be released later.

I would not really take any notice of what type of processor is in a laptop, but more on keyboard, screen, battery life and general performance. You really can have two laptops with exactally the same (or intel / amd equivilant) processor and one will fly with good battery life and the other will be utter crap in comparason.

Go to a good computer superstore and have a good play with what is there. When your’e happy with one then go home a buy it online:p