Intel Optane Released as an Add-on Card


The Price on this is going to put it out of range of 99% of Consumers so just in my personal opinion this SSD is aimed at servers and business applications. Intel’s DC P4800X will initially come to market as a 375GB AIC (Add-In Card) with a $1,520 price point, or roughly $4.05 per GB, and is available today


Chill… In a while this will be within ‘reasonable’ reach :wink:


Will I live that long, I only want to use it as a boot SSD, I will have to update my Skylake to Kaby Lake to use it, and the price has to come down a lot. LOL


These are not designed as boot drives.
They are for data centre use, most likely as a caching drive for a large RAID array.

They should work without KabyLake as its a AIC in a PCIe3 format.
Consumer drives will probably use M.2 for Optane SSD’s and UDIMM for Optane memory.


Thank you Wendy, I would have no use for this if I cant boot from it, I have many many SSDs I can use for data, and they dont have to be Ferrari fast either. Useless to me if it cannot boot.


Even if it could boot, it’s still no use to consumers.
Its designed for ultra high endurance, ultra low latency, and ultra intensive workloads where thousands of I/O’s are requested each and every second.

Compare this to a consumer workload where perhaps a few I/O’s are requested each second.
For a consumer, it wouldn’t feel any faster than a good M.2 NVMe consumer SSD. It could even feel slower because its performance profile isn’t tuned for consumer workloads.


I would love to see a review from you on these. With the information you just gave me, I have no interest in it at all now. LOL.