Intel, Microsoft, HP alliance attempt to kick Hollywood's butt

I just posted the article Intel, Microsoft, HP alliance attempt to kick Hollywood’s butt.

The biggest tech companies in the world are far from happy with a Hollywood backed campaign to further restrict the ability of people to use CDs and DVDs on IT devices. The scheme, backed by US…

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We all know that these companies aren’t doing it because they think it will help the consumer, and that it’s for their own benefit. However, if it helps the consumers, go for it.

People rarely do anything to help anyone else. Everyone is always interested in their own best interest. You do it, I do it and these companies do it.

If they (RIAA)get their way then there will be no tech maufactures and then no hardware to listen on and then no RIAA and then happy times without the MFCSB’S

HHHMMmmmm ??? So the pack turns on itself…:7

People like Hollings and Berman can just go to hell!!! Go Intel and HP for their efforts to kick greedy Hollywood’s but!!! Forcing to put copy protections in all consumer electronics would stifle innovation big time. That is why I just hate people like Ernest Hollings and Howard Berman. They are assholes who want to sell out consumers rights to support the greedy already rich film industry!!! People like Hollings and Berman don’t deserve to be considered human they’re so wothless!!!

This is very good news!:slight_smile: