Intel launches secure mobile chips to protect data

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 Intel  has launched its range of secure microprocessors on Monday which feature data  locking to protect data from software depending on its restrictions.  While its primary aim is to...
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Let the people speak with dollars…I certainly wont be paying out money for this technology and Im sure that there are alot who think the same as I do. If we as a collective whole choose not to purchase an item based on its restrictive nature, the whaling profits of such companies will force them to “feed the masses” so to speak and I beleive we will in time win the battle. I tend to think that if people stray from Intel due to this, other companies such as AMD will be not be so kean to follow, but i guess its hard to predict what will happen in the future. Hell if I had said 10 years ago that the record industry was going to rebel against technology I would have been labeled crazy. But its just my 2c

The desktop chip technology is code-named “LaGrande”. As in, Largo LaGrande? (Monkey Island referrence ;):+

Sorry ANDCORP - AMD has also prevailed to DRM next-generation chip. As far as DRM is concerned: it will be here to stay regardless of our whining and swearing. But the hardware only works if it is also supported by software - hence Microsoft Longhorn. The OpenSource community, as far as I know, is still undecided about DRM. I hope they would look the other way. Else two versions of OpenSource from now on - 1 with DRM; 1 without - since it’s OpenSource this is easy to do. I guess it’s up to the law of each country to say “yes” or “no” to DRM. Who knows, once DRM is out and widespread there may be workaround in the form of cracks or BIOS hack to circumvent DRM chip…:X
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This is just small steps to the complete concept of Trusted Computing. Negative reactions are appropriate. Yes, the best way to defeat this is to express opinion and don’t purchase these products that support these measures. Read up on it at Its scary.

Good thing my current rig does it’s job good. If this or any other soft/hardware based “rule enforcer” becomes all there is available, I’ll have this box for a long time… Easy workaround… Build a “mediabox” out of older components. Load an OS, don’t patch the OS. Don’t connect that rig to the net period… Hey, just realized… That kills file sharing… … Yeah this will be hacked…

Well at this point any DRM software or content can simply be boycotted and open source alternatives can be used. Until the governement forces all hardware and software to be “trusted”. If the people allow the Governement to do such a thing. Well what’s the saying? You get the Government you deserve?

Somebody said next world would be M$ kingddom now is the first step. Next 20 or 30 years they may incorporate into your Visa and decide which you can buy which you can’t buy…who knows?