Intel H55 vs. H57 question

Afaik, originally there was no other difference between the H55 and the H57 than a new TurboMemory like technology and both chipsets were planned for a release. The H57 had that new technology, the H55 didn’t. Then intel pushed the launch of that technology to a later date and cancelled the H57 chipset. But now suddenly there are H55 as well as H57 mobos showing up in the tech-news. Now that at the end H55 as well as H57 chipsets have become reality and that mentioned new technology has been pushed to a later date, what is the difference between the H55 and H57 chipsets?

You can just google it, but thanks for bringing it to my attention :slight_smile:

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Yeah, thanks eric! Looks like the info about the two ASUS boards is the only thing out there after following your “update” link. Looks like we have to wait for the Jan 7 date/official intel release date, since those lines explain the differences between the two boards, not necessarily the two chipsets. But it’s a strange issue. Afaik it has been said clearly that the P57/H57 is cancelled with the Braidwood tech delay. I could be wrong though of course. It seems so…

I would definitely use the new revision, sound like some good features are getting added. But I’m more interested in the X58 update since 6-core cpu’s/SATA3/USB3 as they get pushed into the mainstream.

With BIOS 0209 or later this brand newly updated classic is a good start for perfect Gulftown support I guess:

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By the way: Save yourself some time and ignore the X58 C2-stepping discussion. It’s for XEON capable X58 boards only (like the “WS” labeled ASUS X58 boards)! All regular X58 boards will continue to have the X58 B3 chip.