Intel Extreme Graphics 2

I recently got Fable: The Lost Chapters for my computer but it’s having problems running on my computer. I checked the website for the game and it says “64 MB shader capable video card required”. So I checked my video card to see if it fits into that description, and I get this confusing website here with all the info on the card:

I’m not exactly computer savy and am wondering if anyone knows if my video card is compatible with Fable. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I’ve been wanting to play this since they announced its making.

You get forget getting Fable running…

Although the name of the VGA adapter you have sounds promising, it’s not much more than a standard intregrated VGA adapter that was made for office use. Adapters like these are only suited for doing the regular office tasks (text editing and such) at lower resolutions. They always offer some kind of 3D acceleration, but never enough for serious gaming.

Almost certainly not.
The intel “extreme graphics” video card series has absolutely nothing extreme in it. I doubt it has any shader capabilities at all. If you want to run 3D videogames you need something better. If you have a standard desktop computer you can buy some medium 3D card, but if you have a notebook you’re pretty much screwed.

Alrighty, thanks. I should be getting a new video card soon so I’ll be able to play then.