Intel explains main reason to back HD DVD instead of Blu-ray

I just posted the article Intel explains main reason to back HD DVD instead of Blu-ray.

 While  Microsoft has given many reasons to why it favours HD DVD over Blu-ray, 

apparently the main reason why Intel decided to back HD DVD is due to its mandatory…

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all that doesn’t mean squat if you’re required an internet connection in order to play your purchased damn movie, or should I say more like leased movie!!!:frowning:

Good Point Swifty7!

Have to disagree. Both HD DVD and BluRay formats are going to limit some of our uses when they arrive - AACS exists on both formats and BluRay has two additional security measures (BR+ and BR-ROM Mark) details of which are totally non-extistant at present. Now, as far as I can see, we must either accept this or not buy the new formats. As many of us want high def material on disc the latter isn’t an option. Therefore we must choose between HD DVD and BluRay. Now many people favour the latter as it potentially has more capacity - but what if the former turns out to allow more consumer uses, i.e. streaming of any title, copying onto the HDD of any title? Yes you may need an internet connection - but it could be the better of two evils.

Very Interesting! Alas, until the verbal pollution clears, and the mirrors are removed, this will remain the old chicken and egg arguement! I guesstimate that it will be about '08 if we’re lucky! Further don’t forget also the new capital equipment costs required to show either format to the maximum of their native resolution specifications! Oh well only time will tell now!

DRM will kill any interest in these new storage devices. If I record a TV show I want to be able to store it without any DRM telling me I can’t store it. Where would VCR be today I they were prohibited from fulfilling their main function?

Yeah, the potentially draconian content protection systems being implemented with both Blu-ray and HD-DVD is going to seriously piss off many users who want the freedom to control what they own and record. It’s possible both HD formats will end up as niche products. Joe Sixpack doesn’t really give a damn if he can watch Stargate or some such crap in HD - What’s the point ? So we can see an actors pimples more clearly ? Current DVD films/TV shows look pretty good as they are in SD (720x576 PAL or 720x480 NTSC). Spending more money on a new TV and HD player just to watch videos that look marginally better than DVD is a crock. As for data storage, both HD-DVD and Blu-ray are starting to look pretty small already. Corporations and home users are crying out for very high capacity media for archiving purposes. Companies have to make do with 400GB DAT drives but home users would much prefer to have a large high-capacity storage medium that is reliable and cheap. Maybe HVD (Holographic Versatile Disc) will bring about this change.

You’re not required to have an Internet connection for “basic” playback.

agreed. i couldnt care less about the “high-def video” aspect of those formats. all i need is storage - trouble free, fast, convenient, and reliable. and no drm crap;p

if yuo dont like dont buy thats the age old secret of all time if a company hasomething you dont want dont buy till they put in what you want you are god in this consumer world just need to let them know it with stock piles of shit that no one wants

HD is no use to me if I can’t copy as I wish like DVD. So DVD is where I will stay. My only use for these next gen formats will be for data unless that is drm’ed also. This also explian why sony is likely to stop making their relaunched HI-mini Disc. Even the latest gen mp3 md’s have drm. It has been described as a format designed by lawyers? Why? Well when you can copy dloaded mp3s (via atrac) into it no prob but can only upload your mic recordings to pc once coz of drm you know they have to be on crack to do something that stupid. So if you support this new format you are really saying please f**k me anally! By encouraging bad corporate behaviour.

Good grief. This has already become more trouble than it’s worth. If I can’t make backup copies of the media that I’ve legally purchased, and I can’t do so on an unlimited basis, forget it. All this DRM crap is like buying an electric hammer. Why harness so much crap to such a straightforward concept? In the end, I’ll buy a hammer that isn’t electric, is cheaper, doesn’t have all the frills, but in the end gets the job done.

Bitrate agree with you fully. I currently burn my content to DVD by converting it to vcd mpegs and put 6 hours on a disc and am totally happy with the quality. I too am not interested in the number of pimples on the Actors faces. I will only be buying this if I can still put vcd mpegs to blu ray or hd DVD + data backup.

I’ve got 400 gigs worth of HD space filled with about 100 uncompressed DVDs that I can stream over the home network using my modded xbox. I’m perfectly happy with the sound and image quality I’ve already got and if I need more storage space I can get it at about $2 per gig. Do I need a new format? Hell no. And most of the “target audience” these companies are after (I assume) are hobbyists such as myself - not the Wal-Marters who can substantiate these technologies by buying them enmasse. If we (technophiles) buy them then eventually they will become mainstream - just as with CD and DVD. But the DVD lifecycle is far from over-the-hill considering that studios are still improving their quality and regardless, has DVD even reached the level of saturation that VHS did? Hell, my grandfather finally got his first DVD player (after much prodding) this year and still swears he can’t figure out why he was pushed into buying the thing. These new technologies, while potentially great for things such as massive video games or IT backups, are really nothing more than a push to get more DRM control into our homes.

Sorry - backwards math - make that about fifty cents per gig.

I see a lot of people who haven’t really experienced high definition, or don’t have the perceptive ability to tell the difference. That said, I’ll continue to do my HD caps off satellite or OTA where I don’t have to deal with DRM.