Intel: Dual core Atom's next for netbooks



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This doesn’t make sense. It’ll drain the battery that much faster. I’m sure a dual-core will raise the price, too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for more power. However, let’s not lose sight of what these things are meant to do – surf the web, get your e-mail, watch movies, and play some non-Crysis games. You aren’t going to create Toy Story 3 on one of these suckers.


What about ultra low voltage laptops? They already run power-efficient dual core CPU’s and don’t have the stupid Windows 7 “starter” edition limitations.


Dual core netbooks are already available:

I assume the new dual-core Atom chips will be very similar in performance to the N330 just like the new single core Atom chips are roughly the same as the old ones…


Their Dual Atoms are a hoax, an really bad joke overall.