Intel DC S3700 Enterprise SSD Review

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Welcome to Myce’s first Enterprise class Solid State Storage (SSS) solution review.
We are delighted that this review is for an Intel DC S3700 200GB SATA SSD, which is widely regarded as a first class Enterprise solution.
The DC S3700 is a breakthrough product for Intel, which has propelled them into, once again, being a competitive player in the Enterprise Space. With the DC S3700 Intel has pushed a new byword and yardstick into the evaluation of SSS solutions – “Consistency”.
So, we were excited to see if the DC S3700 would live up to its reputation when scrutinised by Myce’s new OakGate Technology based Enterprise Test Bench.

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Love the review JR. With a little help and a bit of time, I am beginning to like this new Oakgate testing. Its more of a Professional outline of exactly what the SSD can do, I like it. Thanks again.:flower:

Excellent review JR.