Intel DC P3700 1.6TB NVMe Enterprise SSD – An Awesome Machine

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Welcome to Myce’s review of the Intel DC P3700 1.6TB NVMe Enterprise SSD (hereafter referred to as the Intel P3700).
This is the first NVMe drive we have reviewed. NWMe stands for ‘Non-Volatile Memory express’. NVMe, is a specification that allows a solid-state drive (SSD) to make effective use of a high-speed Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) bus in a computer. Intel has taken a leadership role in the implementation of NVMe and is the first to bring an NVMe drive to market.
Fortunately for Myce, our partner OakGate Technology has been at the forefront of NVMe testing and validation. OakGate’s Marketing Director, Vipul Mehta says - “OakGate Technology was the first company to offer an advanced test platform for NVMe flash storage. Working closely with industry leaders, the company has incorporated a number of cutting-edge features and functions for PCIe flash products supporting both NVMe and AHCI protocols. Today, all leading suppliers of solid state storage rely on OakGate’s systems for test and validation of their NVMe products.”
So please read this review for an authoritative performance assessment of the Intel P3700 – it is a truly amazing drive!

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Nice review. I think if your going to compare this Enterprise drive to other drives it should also be compared to PCIe type Drives like Apple Provides in virtually all its current shipping computers and of course a number of companies also make add ON PCIe that are also quite fast. If I am not mistaken most of these devices hit 1000 to 1300MBs.

This SSD is a close to $5,000.00 workstation drive. You cannot compare it with any consumer SSD whatsoever, even PCIe SSDs. Its a different animal, and most probably the top of its class.:slight_smile: If I am not mistaken its the first of its kind offered, so you really cant compare it to anything yet.

Agreed but on this Review Page:

Where other enterprise drives are compared to the reviewed one Apple’s and third party PCIe drive are quite a bit faster. The reviewed drive of course is faster still, but I thought it is interesting for reference.