Intel Coreâ„¢ 2 Duo E6600 Box CPU $297.00

Free shiping.

That is is a good deal considering the Processor (Intel Due core 6600) is cost more that $299 ($305-$325) so you are getting ECS M/B for free but you should be aware that this M/B is not really upto the job of handling this type processor for full benifit.

Don’t see a free MOBO???

i didn’t either.

etp; the price of Intel 6600 is now going @ roughly $300-$325 so if you get this processor with ECS M/B for $299 that means you are only paying for the price of processor and the motherboard is free.

TCAS, I think what etp and paiger meant that this one is not a combo E6600 + ECS, it’s only a deal on the E6600 (without ECS mobo).

Anyway, this is quite a good deal. I bought my E6400 when it first came out nearly $260 from eWiz.


To compare - the Egg has them for $309 shipped-eh!

I was refering to sale today is going on @ Fry’s Electronic that this processor with ECS is for $299.

free board normally a in store deal. I rarely see a combo deal online at The $299 combo deal is for the OEM CPU, the $297 is for the retail box CPU

In store only. Got it. Thanks.