Intel Core i3-3240 3.40ghz is not detected on my ECS H61H2-M6 motherboard

Before that, it was running an Pentium G630 and is working fine. I’ve check every compatibility websites between the 2 hardware and they always say its compatible. I looked up the issue, which is no display at all, and did everything usually done in cases like this(ram socket clean, cmos reset, etc).

I’m now puzzled as to what the issue is. Can anyone tell me what it is?

What bios version are you using? There are only two bios versions on their website, but I think you need the latest one for the i3-3240.

Always be extra careful when updating bios.

Just double checking because your title and description of the issue are contradicting each other a little. Is there no display at all or is there a post screen where it says it didn’t detect the CPU?

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