Intel Core 2 Duo Processor

They were supposed to come out today. Anybody know a place that is selling them online yet?

Dell has them. They offer two systems with the new core 2…

I asked today and they expect to see them in my area around mid August and they have no idea of price yet either.:frowning:

My current setup is Conroe ready and waited for a month and now I have to wait another month! :a

hmm, maybe I will just buy the Dell Core2 and swap the processor. :smiley:

Edit: the cheapest from Dell is Precision Workstation 390 (on sale for $800 but no LCD) comes only with E6300. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Intelâ„¢ Core®2 Extreme X6800 2.93GHz/1066MHz/4MB L2/Dual-core/VT [add $989]
  • Intelâ„¢ Core®2 Duo E6700 2.66GHz/1066MHz/4MB L2/Dual-core/VT [add $689]
  • Intelâ„¢ Core®2 Duo E6600 2.40GHz/1066MHz/4MB L2/Dual-core/VT [add $569]
  • Intelâ„¢ Core®2 Duo E6400 2.13GHz/1066MHz/2MB L2/Dual-core/VT [add $299]
  • Intelâ„¢ Core®2 Duo E6300 1.86GHz/1066MHz/2MB L2/Dual-core/VT [Included in Price]
  • Intelâ„¢ Pentium® 4 Processor 631, 3.00GHz, 2MB L2, 800MHz, HT add $0

I would think the US will see them before Canada. Next week you will probably be posting 3D bencmark results with any luck.:stuck_out_tongue:

These are supposed to be the prices. But who really knows.

Yeah I keep the original table in my favorites since it was released. But as you can see from my post above, upgrading from E6300 to E6600 is $569 despite the E6600 $316 price from that table (in 1000 pcs though). But if we follow that table, Dell should only charge $133 for the upgrade.

True. I was upset too for I have the money to get the mobo and the CPU I want and now the wait. I bet it is a stratagy to get sales through these pre made PC’s what do you think?

TigerDirect now accept orders:

Not a bad price, 10% markup from the 1000pcs price.

12 month warranty, Is that TigerDirect’s or Intels? Most cpu’s are three years I thought.

don’t hold your breath, back when the PIII 1000 Mghz came out, wait time was 3 months for a factory box from a high dollar company(Micron).
Dell gets first dibs then other loyal companies.

tigerdirect has got to be close to the bottom of the food chain

how come newegg’s not taking orders?

newegg doesn’t ebeb have them yet.

newegg has one listed in the dual core section: x6800 for an overprice $1,360. :eek:

zipzoomfly: and a separate page for x6800

I read that intel is asking retailers to hold shipment until 8/7.

The slowest and the fastest one are available at

Intel today has posted news about core 2 duo for latop, merom. That I wonder on is what laptop/chipset do support these new cpu’s that is anounced to be shipped in end of august ?

Merom vs. Yonah

5Ghz processors are around the corner, but of course its all going to get released slowly, so you’ll have to upgrade little by little. :slight_smile:

Quad Core’s are coming out at the end of the year (AKA 4 X 4).

$569 to upgrade from E6300 to E6600??? Damn Dell, the E6600 is projected to be around $360. So basically you dont get any credit for upgrade from the E6300 but you have to pay $569 for jacked up price of E6600??? Just crazy

That’s a very good news about Kentsfield and Clovertown. :iagree: