Intel Application Accelerator Problems



I just got my first dvd burner and I installed it and everything seemed to work, but Nero infotool says dma is not enabled. I thought it might be bios settings, but it wasn’t. I then uninstalled intel application accelerator and that fixed the problem. Is there something wrong with IAA (intel application accelerator)? Do I need it anyway? On the intel site they act like it makes a big difference, does it? Also, my computer had 2 drives installed and both were set to cable select. I replaced the secondary slave drive with my dvd burner and set it to slave. Will this configuration work if I don’t change the first drive (master) from cable select to master? I just didn’t feel like removing both drives, and since it seems to work, I’ll probably keep it like this unless someone tells me otherwise. Thanks in advance!


The general consensus around here has always been that IAA = :Z where burners are concerned. I seem to recall an issue where DMA is not correctly displayed by Nero when IAA is running, but that DMA is actually on anyway. I could be wrong about that. Anyway, no, if your system is running as expected without it, there’s no compelling reason to have it on. You could try running some HD benchmarks with it and without it.