Intel / AMD split



I am interested to know what the split is between Intel and AMD in the burning world

I have allways had an intel - but quite a few of my mates have AMD’s now… and they take the piss constantly…

what is the general conscensus?


What can I say… AMD rulez! :wink:


AMD kicks the ass off INTEL. Pentium 4’s are sooo crap. And also all pentiums get the 13th digit of any number wrong!
So good luck in choosing a new one!


AMD… Why?

Because it’s cheaper, faster (overclocking) and prettier :slight_smile:


Chalk up another point for AMD here…


Intel for servers, AMD for everything else.


:cool: AMD is the best :wink:


Intel all the way here :slight_smile: I don’t really know why, but I’ve always had Intel and never had any troubles, so why would I need AMD?
I’ve no idea why ChicaneWeaver says P4 is crap, cuz my P4 1,4Ghz gives all the speed I need. :slight_smile: (for the moment ;))


AMD is the best… Ive had Intel before and they are toooo overpriced compared to what you get with the AMD’s… Ill go with the underdogg! AMD rox ass!


first I had an Intel, than I became a student and bought a AMD and guess what: It works even better :slight_smile:


gogo AMD
every mate of mine has an amd
and if they wanna buy a new cpu i advise them to buy an AMD
much cheaper & better performance


I have both AMD an Intel CPU’s, I would say that amd is a LOT better!! both are 800’s, and running sigh win2k pro, but when emulating n64 (weee), the intel gets choppy sound, while the amd gets it perfectly (no overclocking either–which the AMD’s better at anyways =) SBlive plat. AHHH Just got the AMD about 4 days ago, and i’m loving EVERY second of it, the best part? 1.2 ghz for $90!! =) well, 110 total --stuipd rip-off s&h


AMD rulez + competion for intel what means better prices.

Just one remark: I just bought(uhm uhm ) a copy of Solaris (SUN) for intel I just hope it works on AMD also.
To bad that the price of AMD and intell are almost the same now a days


You always pay more for the newest technology–life sucks that way. sigh AMD is still cheaper either way ya look at it. The news yeseterday said that Intel is cutting prices again as much as 30%. Although they didnt state which CPU’s–probably the celerons. ;Þ Ahhh, I know what my dream computer for next year is gonna be:

Dual quad p4 2 ghz (god, imagine how many/big the fans on this would be)
4 x 6.8 TB raid (hey, if you pay to rent a dvd, might as well keep a copy of it)

what more could ya ask for—well, AMD instead.