Intel, AMD, Apple, HP and Sony fight against Canadian CD levy

I just posted the article Intel, AMD, Apple, HP and Sony fight against Canadian CD levy.

Mgz points us to an article on the Inquirer website. The article describes an unlikely coalition of the Canadian branches of Intel and AMD, as well as HP, Sony, Motorola, Apple, Costco and…

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The levies typically only affect larger chains such as Radio Shack or Futureshop, while small computer stores simply import their materials levy free from the United States.

stupid f*****g canadian and euro government.:r

How come many people hate their own government so much? I think every government is being hated on Earth… Come on, you should feel fortunate and be satisfied of what you have now… don’t be such a greedy man. :slight_smile:

I post this news because i’m living in Canada :frowning: I must by CD-Media from a place that away almost 20.000 km from Canada :r (not even cross-border :c :cry: :cry: :frowning:

“euro government” there is no such thing.

yep, that CD levy sure stinks. GO AMD, INTEL, AND THE REST OF YOU COMPANIES! :slight_smile: