Intel 750 1.2TB NVMe PCIe SSD Review



We’ve just posted the following review: Intel 750 1.2TB NVMe PCIe SSD Review[newsimage][/newsimage]

Today I’m looking at something new. In fact this article will feature the world’s first SSD, aimed at the professional consumer, to utilise the new NVMe (Non-volatile Memory Express)

The Intel 750 NVMe SSD plugs into a generation 3 x4 PCIe interface, and is bootable via a motherboard that supports boot from NVMe.

Let’s find out how this SSD performs in this review.

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Personally I love it, but the 1,000 USD price tag is still a bit steep. It will most likel;y com down is price, maybe by next Black Friday.:wink: The review was awesome as usual, great job.:bow: