Intel 320 SSD: lower prices, higher capacity, better security

Intel 320 SSD: lower prices, higher capacity, better security.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Intel started off this week by announcing a fresh new “third-generation” line of Solid State Drives with lower price points, higher capacities, and improved security and performance over the company’s prior offerings.

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Intel is overpriced on just about every product they sell. Considering that they are at the TOP of the premium price gouging for SSD, that’s no consolation that they cut prices and increased capacity. 1 terabyte SSd drvies are available, but at huge prices near $1k. Just getting $1 per GB is a pricepoint hard drives surpassed about 15 years ago. While nobody ever expects SSD to be pennies per GB before we’re quite old and grey… they could at least throw consumers some competitiveness. After one slight drop in late 2009, there’s been almost no solid state memory drops other than DDR computer memory (seasonal, demand driven). SSD, and flash have remained stable, if not outright price INCREASES. I’d even say that these prices POP higher with a 2 - 4 week lag in spikes in gasoline/oil prices.

The flash/ssd industry will have to go a long way to prove their serious about price cuts and offering a better value.


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Lower Price ??? :disagree:

Price aside, the performance is very “last year”.

Prices are nice for those still using regular hard drives though you think?

[QUOTE=Dee;2581968]Price aside, the performance is very “last year”.[/QUOTE]
:iagree:, I just installed the 120 Gb “slower” Revo PCI SSdrive=amazing. Drive is still faster and cheaper than SATA 3 interface SSD’s. With ATTO getting read of 530242 kb and write of 508882 kb!! With my “old school” quad core and DDR2 memory. $270.00 USD.

SSD Drives are overrated. I bought one last year and it is just slightly faster than my 750 GB 64MB cache HHD. When they can go GB vs. GB for same price, then maybe they will catch on. Right now, they are still a fad and stupidly overpriced. Besides, I would never corrupt my AMD system with an inferior Intel product.

Besides the AMD fanboyism, I’d agree with Trust2112. Bought a few 60gb OCZ Vertex 2 drives, and when you have a PC that has to boot into DOS first, it really doesn’t speed up the process much as all. I did notice a significant difference on my OSX partition loading however, but not really enough to justify the costs, so I sold I them on Ebay and replaced them with WD Caviar Black 1.5TB drives that cost me less than what I got for my SSD drives.

I’ll probably be back, once the hype settles down and you can get at least 200-250gb for what 60gb drives are selling for now, and hopefully increased performance.

I’ve had 2 WD Caviar Black 500GB drives in RAID0 for a system drive and it still came nowhere near to being as zippy as my OCZ Vertex 2 for loading Windows and running apps. The OCZ was doing reads/writes 100MB/s faster than WD Caviar Black in RAID0