Intel: 10nm based CPUs no earlier than end of 2019

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It will take Intel till the fourth quarter of 2019 to release CPUs manufactured using 10 nanometer manufacturing process technology. The chip giant announced this during its quarterly earnings call. Previously, Intel already stated it delayed mass production of its 10nm technology based chips till next year.

I don’t know what is going on at Intel but it isn’t good for them. AMD is on target to deliver 7nm server CPUs in 2019 and they are struggling with 10nm tech. That 7nm process will quickly filter down to consumer grade processors. My guess is we will see another leap in CPU cores, clock speed and IPC gains for AMD. They are close to parity now with Intel and this might just allow them to leapfrog ahead of them.

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Don’t smartphones already have 10nm?

We are close to physical limitations.
But if AMD arrived at 7nm, that’s highly impressive.