Integrating UDF and DLA togeather

Hi guys,
Is there a way to integrate both UDF and DLA software togeather.
As far as I have been told their not compatable with each other. Now I have found that its easier to use UDF to transfe files to friends computers as well as I have CDRW’s with backed up files from when I had my old CD Burner, that I would still like to get access too, but I like DLA for handeling my DVDRW’s . Is there any easy way of switching between DLA and UDF without uninstalling one peice of software and reinstalling another, just to switch between the two formats. I am using sonic and the DLA software that came with it right now, but when I instert a CDR I made using UDF format it askes me to install the UDF reader, and then after instalation it says its Incomaptible with the DLA software. Any Ideas how I can easily manipiulate between the two different formats.
Any Help is greatly apreciated.