Integrated VIA UniChrome Graphics performance?



how does it compare to nvidia & ati cards ??

i am looking forward to build a cheap system (everything onboard)

A7V8X-MX suits best to me.

since i WONT be adding a extra graphics card…and all that fancy stuff (i am a p00r kid)

It has a Integrated VIA UniChrome Graphics, how does it perform, any pointers ???

did anyone in this world even bothered to benchmark that thing ??!!! :bigsmile:


i’ve seen zero benchmarks/reviews on via’s integrated graphics, so i’m guessing performance would probably be pretty poor. u’d probably be better off getting an nforce2 board with integrated graphics, which performs ok for casual use, but definitely isn’t gonna be able to handle graphically intensive games too well.


I agree with AZImmortal. The NForce 2 onboard graphics adapter (it’s called IGP) has about the same performance as the GF4-MX. I don’t think there’s any other onboard VGA that will perform as “good” as the onboard GF4-MX solution. Surely not VIA, as they never showed a graphics adapter with good performance.


please suggest me a cheap nforce2 motherboard with onboard graphics, sound, usb 2 (micro atx)

i dont care abt dual ddr, single ddr will work. no need of sata, raid, dual lan, 5 pci slots…and all that.

if possible nforce2 quality sound (optional)

thx for yr time.