Integral Memory reveals 512GB microSD card

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The British company Integral Memory today revealed world’s largest microSD card with a capacity of 512GB. The company has beaten Sandisk which previously held the record of ‘world’s largest microSD card’.

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SanDisk was at 400GB.

We are not far away from 1 PB.

I guess, that 1 PB optical archival discs and SD/MicroSD cards will be released in 2021.

But definetly not for archival usage.

If unused, the MLC 3D V-NAND transistors will leak out data.

I wonder, how many rewrite cycles they resist.

1PB ? No we far away from that number, it might be possible to see an 1TB SD card in the near future but 1PB is very far away, at least for now.

With some quick math, about 2283 microSD cards will fit within the volume of a 3.5" hard disk. Assuming 10% of that space is lost for casing, connectors, etc., 2000 should be possible, which gives 1PB.

If price was not an issue, we would be able to have 1PB in the form factor of a 3.5" hard disk. :imcool:

It was only 14 years ago that SanDisk launched the 1GB SD card, with a suggested retail price of $499.99.

So maybe in 2032, we’ll see the worlds first 1PB memory card . . .

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Hm, the NANDs have to be much larger, or you will have a slow SSD with hundreds of NAND and a 4-channel-controller :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Holy Cow…I can give my whole body for that storage… lol… They do have 400GB right now for 250$ that I see so far.

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Remember: The SD-XC specification mentions 2TB.

I imagine flooding my house with them. Only Google (Alphabet Incooperated) could probably afford that.

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