Hi, I am a newbie to this forum. My husband is in computers and I would like to be able to figure this out without having to ask him…yet again… :bow:

This is my problem…I have a new laptop with Pentium 4, 100gb hard drive and 1gb of RAM…I think those are the key things…I have an internal CD/DVD burner/ripper/supposedley does it all (Internal Sony DVD+RW DW-R56). I also purchased, for family and myself an external burner (Sony DRX-710UL) to be able to burn movies faster…I thought. My computer (from Dell) came with Sonic software for burning. The external burner came with Nero, but it does not work with both internal and external drives…I guess…?! The externaldrive -Sony DRX-710UL requires the software be loaded from the external drive…then the Nero software works on my computer, just not with my internal drive.

Please help me!!!

I also need to know what software(specifically) to D/L to rip a DVD from on I have “purchased” onto another DVD-/+R or onto my hard drive in the correct way (appx 700mg)…anyone?



It is not uncommon for software that come bundled with a drive to be “locked” and work only with that specific drive model. I know that software bundled with Sony DRU burners are locked in such a way. I’m not sure if the Sonic software that came with your laptop is also locked in such a way.

As for backing up movies, there are two ways to do it… the first is to back it up onto another DVD disc, in which case, it’s fairly easy, and there is free software available to do it (DVD Shrink for the ripping and encoding, and DVD Decrypter for the burning). The other option that you described is MPEG4, which will allow you to shrink the movie down to around 700 MB. This is a more involved process, but there are various guides available about how to do this on the Internet and also in these forums…

BTW, I’m moving this thread to the Recording Software forum because, based on your initial post, this seems to be mostly a software issue.