INT & EXT Firmware

What exactly is the difference between the INT and EXT firmware?

Pretty much as it sounds.
Int is for internal drives.
Ext is for external drives.

  • int=UDMA2, ext=UDMA4; possible there may be different tuning to buffer-timing.

I have always used EXT and never had an issue with my drive even though it is internally mounted Via IDE. I think most are going this route.

I purchased a second 111D and it’s an internal drive, but I will be putting it into an external enclosure, so should i use the EXT over the INT?

Like I mentioned above in my other post, Myself as well as others have used the EXT firmware regardless of how their drive is mounted in their system.

You got that the wrong way round! :rolleyes:

SÃ¥ Ext is best to use because it’s “slower” and more precise or?


Or your just making stuff up. I highly doubt using an EXT firmware on an INT-ernal drive is going to do much good for you.

Sure it might not mess things up, I don’t know, but its hardly going to give you better burns is it?

That is unless you’ve got a crappy IDE cable that isn’t carrying the UDMA-4 signal properly.


I’m sure we all know the meaning of those two words :confused:

Talk about misinterpreting…

Off course i know the meaning of those two words.

But why are people then using EXT for internal drives?