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[qanda]This thread is about the Sony VGN-FW41M/H. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hei, im new on this site, so im no sure, if this is the right thread posting…

Im from Denmark, and i wanna buy the VAIO Notebook FW41M/H online at, because its much cheaper.

My problem is that im not sure whether or not you get insurance for the laptop, if you buy it online. I cant find anything about this, on their website, and i think its a risk, buying a laptop for 1000 £ , without having an insurance. Because what happens, if something goes wrong with it? is it just game over ?

well. hope you guys can help me :slight_smile:

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For transit insurance, generally most online shops ship by courier, which has its own insurance. The main thing to watch out for is that when you receive the package, make sure there is no damage before signing for the parcel.

All new laptops have at least a year warranty, so if it breaks down in the first year, you can ship it back to the store for repair. As the company is in the UK, you’ll need to consider this extra shipping cost should the laptop break down.

For long term insurance such as against theft, power surge, etc., your home insurance will most likely cover this. Some policies even cover accidental damage. For example, a few months ago, we had a lightning storm which hit the telecom lines and blew several PCs and laptops in our area (I was lucky to be home to have everything unplugged.) Those I knew who had house insurance had no problem getting their computer repaired with the cost covered by their home insurance.

okay thanks for the fast answer.

Just have a few more questions: is their a way, i can extend the insurance to more than a year ? I guess you cant, but what if fx a button on the laptop breaks, how do i fix it ? or if theirs bigger problems after a year ?