Insufficient space

Lately when trying to burn a cd, I get a message saying the cd-r has insufficient space and the cd-r is new. When I put a cd-r in it sounds like it’s turning with a clicking sound.

it would help if u said which program u were using. read this post, especially the part about how to post a message.

Are u sure that you don’t place 700 MB of data on a 650 MB cd ?

BTW , that clicking sound , I know that sound , It’s the sound of a new burner.

Most of the time when a burner starts making such noises and you notice that it doesn’t read disks anymore that it used to read , It’s time to replace it.

Now don’t rush to the store like a maniac , it could also be something else.

Even when I deleted some clips, it does the same. I’ve emailed Philips for their advice since it’s one of their products. Thanks anyway.