Insufficient disc space?

could someone please offer some advice regarding a problem that i have when trying to burn a dvd. I have an NEC ND 2500A dvd writer and I am using nero vision express. I have a 1.4gb avi file that i am trying to put on to dvd. I have selected the file in the appropriate window in nero vision express and then nero has done its transcoding for about 10 hours !!! At the bottom of the nero progress screen it is avising me that the file has been converted to 4.3gb and that 4.38gb is available to write to. However when I try to burn the disc it fails and gives a message saying disc has insufficient space, insert a new disc with enough space.

The discs that i am using actually state that they are 4.7gb on the packaging. So, why does the dvd writer or nero only think that there is 4.38gb available to write to? If it thinks that there is 4.38gb to write to, why does it say that there is insufficient space to write a 4.3gb file to?

Any advice would be appreciated,

marketing gb’s are different than pc gb’s…same reason you install a 120 gb drive and it shows up as 114 gb. Marketing gb is based on 1000, pc gb is based on 1024. Same goes for blank dvd’s. If I recall correctly, a blank dvd is 4.3x gb. I have noticed dvd-r has a bit more space on them, I think it’s somewhere around 10 mb more. You’re situation is so close, if you’re trying dvd+r, try a blank dvd-r. I don’t get what format are you trying to burn to, just a data disc, or ?

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Hi jam292,
Thanks for the reply. I am actually using DVD-R. I thought that the discrepency between the 4.7gb on the DVD labels and the 4.38gb that the DVD writer recognises might be down to the reason that you explained. But if the DVD writer can see 4.38gb space and the file it is trying to burn is 4.3gb, why would it report that there was insufficient space? You asked what type of files I was trying to burn. I am using Nero Vision Express to convert an avi video file in to DVD format and then burn to DVD disc. It does it all automatically in the background. I know that it works because I have successfully done this on smaller files. I wondered if anyone was familiar with Nero Vision Express and knew of any settings that needed altering, or if they had similar experience when trying to burn a file of this size.

Thanks again,

Maybe the final size of converted movie is higher than 4,3 GB. When you convert an .avi to .vob, file sizes augment many times. If after conversion you obtain a too big file for a single layer DVD, then you need a dual layer.

Can try to use DVD shrink on vob files to reduce file dimensions.

Yea, there is some overhead involved in making a dvd, so is the “file” 4.3 gb, or has visionexpress created the video_ts folder, and that’s 4.3 gb? If the video_ts folder has been created, dvd shrink would do the job in I would think less than 10 hrs. I’ve converted some divx to dvd, that’s what I think you’re doing? Can’t see an uncompressed avi quadrupling in size to become dvd quality, so it must be some kinda compressed avi.

This is a divx compressed avi file of a film. In its current format it is 1.4gb (1,511,620,608 bytes) After Nero Vision Express has converted it it is showing it to be 4.3gb. I am new to this video lark, so i don’t know how much larger the dvd files would be. You imply that quadrupling would be unlikely on an uncompressed file, but i now realise that it was divx.


Ok, so you have a mpg that is 4.3 gb? I’ve used nerovision express before, I know it can convert to a file, or make a dvd file structure. If you have an mpg that is 4.3 gb, then the filestructure needed to make a dvd and the overhead could make it unworkable. Instead of burning to a disc, can you choose to burn to hard drive? If you can burn to the hard drive, then you could use dvd shrink. If you have a mpg file that is 4.3 gb, and after setting up the dvd structure in nero, it says it’s too big for the disc, you can try to make the project just a tiny bit smaller, by (if possible) setting the start frame or end frame a little later and sooner, just to trim some time off, or you can maybe downgrade the audio a little bit, like if it’s set to use 320 kbs compressed audio, try 256, that kind of thing. I’m kinda guessing now you have a divx file from a video dvd, those video dvd’s are usually on dual layer discs, so I’m not too surprised that the file would be so large, but it sounds like Nero misled you into thinking it would fit on a dvd, and now Nero is saying it’s too big. Sorry not to be more help