Insufferable newbie with a new NU DW163



Hello all! :bigsmile:

Well, I’m NOT new to computers (been a developer since 1982, rather skilled at C++), but I’m new to the forum and now I’ve just received my first DVD burner (just been a CD burner for years).

Newegg had the NU DW163 on sale Dec 22 ($55), and this forum (all of the hardware sections) was the last source and best for my decision over an NEC.

This DW163 came from a batch manufactured Sept 04 (FW G7H9), just after newegg restocked (they were out of stock around Dec. 20/21). My father ordered one too.

I picked up a 10 pack of the cheapest DVD+RW 4x on Newegg’s list, which I’ve subsequently read from other posts here is (and I confirm) INFODISC A10, and about the worst selection possible. Nero’s recent DVD-Speed “Quality Test” (which I’ll post later…must make dinner soon) shows not one PI failure on my first burn attempt (PIE average hovers around 75). I should reconnect my old Compaq DVD reader (a 2x reader) and scan from there if I can. I’ve learned here that BenQ drives could nearly read cardboard, so I’m certain there’s more than zero PIF on the disk (just has to be at least one).

I still have software to pickup, and something to switch a host of DivX films for my son (mostly Video Captures from TV) onto DVD.

So, in weeks to come, you’ll have another Quality Scan trigger happy poster to contend with…who buys the cheapest media on the planet.


Well, I have the IO Magic that I flashed to the 1620Pro (B7P9). I had 0 as well, and did not believe the quality…may have been 0.

With the new flash I get 96 on your media! I got the 100 pack of Ritek 4X DVD+RW from Newegg ($34 after rebate) yesterday and they are Ricohjpnw11 and a quality of 97 on both my BenQ(IO Magic) and NEC3500 (Mad Dog).

P.S. I’ve been woring on Computers since 1966.


You’re not seeing any PI Failures because your firmware needs updating. PIF reporting is something that’s relatively new for BenQ drives.

Also, make sure you get a recent CDSpeed - it knows how to display the PIF’s made available via the more recent firmwares.

Best of Luck wiith your new burner and welcome to the forum!


Spartane: Good point; thanks! I’m flashing to G7P9 later tonight (downloaded that already) - I’ll wait for crossflashing until the drive has been at home a while.

mpsan: 1966! Wow - You’ve seen all of it - from punch cards, 9 track and cassette tape to 8.5GByte DVD’s.

Probably did some 360/370 assembler, didn’t you?

It’s great to meet people online like this - just no other way for this much contact. I couldn’t afford the gas or the time otherwise.


First…as I said, you do need to update the f/w. Also, there is a new Nero Speed test, v 3.61, out today. Works great and I scanned a movie burned on 4X DVD+RW media (from my NEC) on my BenQ at an ending speed of 16.08X!!
It had a quality of 96.
Yup, started on Univac Real time systems and then RCA…IBM 360 compat. Then Storage and Amdahl stuff…470 at first…that was 4th generation for the 70’s. That is where 360 came from, BTW, it was supposed to be 3rd generation for the 60’s. Also, I worked on 7 track tape and had to set delays on each track!!

P.S. You forgot paper tape.


mspan, is there any chance of seeing that 16X scan? If you have time, could you perhaps add it to the CDSpeed 3.61 thread?


OK, but that means turning my wifes system on again!

Hmmmm, that does sound bad, but you know what I mean! :smiley:


EDIT…Posted OK.

I ran it but I only have a chart. Will check my options again…I can not get it to save so it looks like everyone elses! I can post to show what I am getting. Sorry, it is too large?


The scan looks great. Thanks again for posting it. Excellent burn - especially for 16X read speed.