Instructs for use of DVDFab Plat. what am I doing wrong?

Hi all,

Are there any instructions for use of DVDFab products?? The ‘tutorial’ page just says ‘coming soon…’ Basically, I’d like to know step by step a)how to copy a DVD to my HD for viewing or for burning to blank discs, b)how to copy straight to a disc and c)how to copy from my HD to a disc to make another disc the same as the original.

Just installed DVDFab Platinum. These are the problems I’m having…

Whether I click on Full disk or Main movie to be saved in a specified folder on the HD, I can’t seem to view it. I have also tried burning Full Disk to a blank DVD. It apparently worked according to the program, but when I tried to play it in the DVD player, it had a faulty menu & when I clicked play, we got the audio for the show but a blank screen. Incidentally, similar also happened with the free DVDFab Decrypter, but each menu selection would work for a minute before freezing or saying ‘Data removed’.

The film appears in Windows Explorer in a folder of the DVD name, with an AUDIO_TS(invariably empty) and a VIDEO_TS folder. The second has BUP & IFO files, of which aren’t recognised at all by Windows, and VOB files, which I’ve tried to open with Widows Media Player, to no avail. When I tried the clone option, it was saved in a temp folder & opened into ISO Buster as an ISO image. What am I supposed to do with that??

I’ve tried using Nero/Make Your Own DVD/add video files (the only option that seemed to work) to add the whole VIDEO_TS folder contents.

The folder that you want to choose as source is the folder that is [B]name_of_ movie[/B] which has 2 sub folders, [B]AUDIO_TS[/B] (invariably empty, but included to increase compatibility because some players look for it before they will play the movie) and a [B]VIDEO_TS folder[/B] (that contains everything).


Hi loosie
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Before you get started make a few changes in common settings first OK, Open common settings by clicking on the small round button at the top right that as an image what looks like small gearand click on the little drop down that says Common settings, the common setting page will appear on your screen on the left side click on Write to open the write settings page NOW make the following changes
Write Speed…4x or 8x
Write Type of DVD-R media…SAO Writing
DVD Writable Media(DVD-5)size…4464 " by using custumize in the drop down"
Set Booktype…check
(NOTE) click OK NOT the close button on top

Hope the info below will help you out

How to copy a DVD to your Hard Drive
1.) Open DVDFab Platinum
2.) Put the DVD movie you want on your Hard Drive into your DVD drive
3.) In the target drop down window choose the location by clicking on the button with a folder on it, the browse for folder window will appear on your screen choose the location you want the movie files to be located on your Hard Drive and click OK to close the browser
4.) Depending if you want compression during the process you have two choses,
DVD5 will compress and DVD9 will not compress to make your selection go to the bottom of your screen locate the drop down window that has the word Quality next to it,Open the drop down window to make your selection
5.) To start the process click the Start button at the lower right corner

How to copy to a blank DVD Media Disc
1.) Open DVDFab Platinum
2.) Put the DVD movie you are going to make a backup copy of into your DVD drive, the movie title will appear in the source drop down window
3.) In the target drop down window chose the location of your DVD Writer that will be used doing the burning of the disc
4.) At the bottom of the screen choose the size of the blank medics disc you will be using for the backup in the drop down window with the word Quality next to it, DVD5=compression and DVD9=no compression
5.) Depending on if you have two DVD Writers hooked to your computer, If you only have one then you will need to wait for the program to copy the movie to your hard drive and then will be asked to insert a blank media into the drive, If you have two DVD Writers hooked to your computer put in the blank media disc into your second DVD drive(making sure this drive is selected as the Target)
6.) Click the start button at the lower right corner to start the process


Very Nice Job Tim,
I printed a copy for my files. Do you think that it will ever be possible to copy On The Fly?

Sorry :sad: not hip with computer lingo :doh: what do you mean by Fly :confused:

I’m not sure that is correct or not.
What I mean is that, as it copies from one disc from one DVD drive, it burns to the blank disc in a second DVD drive.
If I understand correctly, now the movie in one drive has to finish copying before the second drive starts burning.

Probably not because there would be too many varibles in hardware. It will always need to spool to HD so decrption can be more accurate. Back in the old days before the advanced encryption it was somewhat possible. Drive makers even recommend copying to HD first for discs that have no encryption involved.


Thanks Mack,
Just wondering because my CD copy program does such a good and fast job of Exact Copies all in one process.
I’m not complaining mind you. I love Fab.

Hi Ron
sorry for misunderstanding
what is meant by
5.) Depending on if you have two DVD Writers hooked to your computer, If you only have one then you will need to wait for the program to copy the movie to your hard drive and then will be asked to insert a blank media into the drive, If you have two DVD Writers hooked to your computer put in the blank media disc into your second DVD drive(making sure this drive is selected as the Target)

Means if you have two burners hooked to your computer you put the DVD movie in one DVD Drive which will be used as the reading drive and you put the blank media in your second DVD Drive which will be doing the burning This way after the program copies to your HD it will start the burning process as soon as it is done with copying process

Both drives operating at the same time. Nothing saved to the HD.

1st DVD drive used has the reader the movie is copied to the hard drive while the second DVD drive is idle during the copy processas soon as the program is done copying to the HD then the second DVD drive starts the burning process and is reading from the HD where the movie files are during the burning process the 1st DVD drive that contains the movie disc is idle

Guess I will have to go over the info for Full Disc mode :confused:

Thanks again, Tim!

Fantastic. Now I’ve changed the settings & know that I’ve been doing the right stuff otherwise - it IS as simple as it looked - I’m hoping it’ll work!

If you need any more help you know where to find me :smiley:
also glad you went ahead and got DVDFab Platinum like I suggested
you will find that it is a great program


Not really great for novices like me if they haven’t even got instructions tho!

You have better than a manual right here, these members here ( including myself) will help you as much as possible. The author of the program even stops by to offer support. I never saw Bill Gates at his Knowlegebase forum.:disagree:

Agree with Allen, this board is better than any instructions. It is good to have a fair to good knowledge of how computers work, which can also be found on this forum. DVDFab is intuitive for most and simple to use for almost everyone. Everyone learns when a question is posted here.

I present a class at a local community college once a month. They have a great system, but the instructions confuse me. It is a Sony overhead projection for VHS and DVD with another item to do overhead images all hooked to a computer. I had spent a lot of time trying to understand those instructions. Last night I went in and use a DVD for the first time. It turned out real simple, turn computer on, turn the Sony on, and put DVD in the player and the Sony detected where the video was and started playing.

DVDFab can be as simple as putting a DVD in and clicking on 1 button.


Your right Mack, also, instructions can be very stiff and unbending. Here everyone goes with the situation as it presents itself. 2 PC’s that are the same, usaually aren’t. ~ Mike

Well Hello my friend
Back so soon LOL :bigsmile: what kind of problem do you have :confused: everybody here are great at fixing things :smiley:

I’m the type that learns programs by doing and mistakes. Sure glad to find these fourms to answer my questions. One thing I haven’t noticed here is about removing region codes. I found out the hard way that if I left the check mark to remove the region code, the disc wouldn’t play in my super duper fancy machine. (Played fine in all the cheap players) The main DVD I use in the family room is a Panasonic VHS and DVD burner, and it won’t play a DVD that doesn’t have a region code.

Hi Donvan
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This super duper fancy Panasonic VHS and DVD burner of yours not sure if it is so super :doh: if you can only play DVD’s with the region code on them, this would mean that you are only able to play DVD’s from your region so it has or is limited.