Instructions for Firmware Upgrade on ILO Recorders



Reason for This Posting
Some of the main issues and questions while doing a firmware update on the ILO recorders are “the upgrade won’t start” or “the display says data or file” or “do I need to apply each upgrade in order” and so on. This post is to take some of the question marks out of the process of firmware upgrading.

About Firmware
Firmware is software that is “flashed” or “written” to an IC chip inside the recorder. The firmware is what tells the recorder what do and how to act when the user starts pressing buttons. Firmware is the “Brains” of the recorder. All firmware files are collective, meaning, a newer firmware update will have all the updates and fixes from previous versions. There are 2 devices in the recorder that get updated, the system and the DVD drive (burner). A firmware upgrade can be for either one or both. A “Drive” will be updated to allow it to recognize newer and advancing media technologies, fix bugs in the drive, allow faster and more precise recording and many other things. The “System” will be updated to fix issues in the way the recorder functions, give it new abilities, changes to the user interface and many more.

Hacked Firmware

You may see the term “Hacked Firmware”. This term refers to firmware files that have been modified from their factory state, usually to add features that the recorder normally wouldn’t have out of the box.

Firmware Files
Firmware files for the ILO/LiteOn recorders are divided into 3 categories. You will see 3 different types of file extensions on the firmware file names. These extensions determine whether the update is “System Only”, “Drive Only” or “System and Drive”.

System Only: This extension will have one letter, an “S” and one number. Example, WMJA1185.DS1, WMJA1193.DS3, WMEA1098.ES4

Drive Only: This extension will have one letter, a “D” and one number. Example, WMJA1185.DD1, WMJA1193.DD3, WMEA1098.ED4

System and Drive: This extension will have one letter, and two numbers. Example, WMEA1097.E20, WMJA1191.D22, WMJA1193.D21

What to Install

If you are installing a new “system and drive” update, there is nothing to worry about. You will be getting the latest update for both “parts” of the recorder. If the update is just a “system only” or “drive only” update, there is an important issue to consider. You will always want to make sure you have the latest “system and drive” update installed before doing a “system only” or “drive only” update to make sure you have the latest updates for both “parts” of the recorder.

Example: You have bought a new ILO R04 with firmware version 1095 firmware installed. You go to Guitarman’s really cool firmware site and find there are 2 newer firmware revisions available, firmware updates 1097 (WMEA1097.E20) and 1098RevB (WMEA1098.ES5). Do you want to update to the newest 1098RevB?? NO!! You notice that 1098RevB is a “system only” update and 1097 is a “system and drive” update. If you update to 1098RevB (system only), you will be missing the latest drive updates that were available in 1097.

Making the Update CD
There are many types of CD writing programs and each one has a slightly different way and terminology of doing things. Most programs will do what you want without needing to change any settings. The two most common programs for writing CD’s are Nero Burning Rom and Roxio EZ CD Creator. You can find instructions for burning the firmware update CD with these two programs on the Firmware Download Page. I will list a couple of important things to do here.

  1. It is always best to use a new CD. The firmware file needs to be the only file on the disc. If you choose to use a previously used CD, make sure to delete any old files from the write list before burning the firmware file to the disc (the old files are not actually deleted from the disc but will be hidden from showing up once the newer session has been written to the CD).
  2. If it is selectable, use “ISO Mode 1” to burn the CD.
  3. Although not necessary, it is good practice to “close” or “finalize” the CD when writing. This will help make it more readable in the recorder.

The Update Process
This is where thing get convoluted. Half the time, the update will start, the other half, it won’t. Following these steps will help to insure the update starts and installs properly.

  1. Go to the setup screen and do a system restore/reset.
  2. R04: press “Source” button on remote to until ILO/DVD is selected. HD04: Press the “Target” button so that DVD is selected.
  3. Place the update CD in the recorder and close the tray. The update may or may not start at this point. If it does, go to #6
  4. If the update does not start, press the play button. This may start it.
  5. Leave the CD in the recorder and turn the power off. Wait a few seconds and then turn the recorder back on. At this point, the update should start. If it doesn’t, the CD or the firmware file could be corrupt. Try re-downloading the firmware file and re-burning the CD.
  6. After the update completes, be sure to wait for the CD to eject from the recorder before turning off the power.

You now should have the latest fixes installed for your recorder. If you have installed “Hacked” firmware, check the recorder for the extra functions the hacks should have added.

If any help is needed, I can be e-mailed from the ILO Firmware Download Page.

Good Luck!!!


Hi, I’m new to the forum and want to know whether there are any upgrades for ILO DVD Recorder Model ILO R05? Is there anyway to make this model region free?
Thanks! :slight_smile:


Check out the website at You will need to know the model number. You can compare the existing f/w in the machine at the Setup page with the f/w on the website. It is very likely your current f/w is out of date. There were some significant bug fixes with the latest f/w so it is worthwhile to upgrade now.

There are two different f/w modules. One is for the internal laser mechanism and the other is for the graphical user interface. Both download as Nero Image Files, so if you have Nero then all you have to do is click on the filename and Nero will do the rest by burning the image onto a blank CD. You will need two CDs, one for each image file.

Put the CD in the Ilo and pay strict attention to the onscreen instructions. Do not upgrade the f/w during a period when there could be a power outage. If you have any reason to be concerned about this process, call Ilo - but call them first thing when they open (8:00am pacific time during daylight time) or you will be on hold for an hour.

As popular as the Ilo DVDR05 (CyberHome 1600) is, we need a separate forum.