Instruction on backing up OS with Norton Ghost

I have tried to use the Ghost 802 coorp-edition, and backup the XP os partition to image. I used the image to partition in another computer, but I cannot boot into XP successfully. I know that some of the hardwares are different between the 2 computers, but from past experience by moving os harddisk from one computer to another, XP could reconfig itself, just like u added/remove hardware.

So, I’m just wondering if “partition to image” is sufficient enough to back up the os partition?? Or I should have used “disk to image” instead? Can the partitions’ size be different? Did do some reading on the reference & implementation guides, but there’s no specific answer!!

thanks 1st :rolleyes:

There was a thread a few days ago about using Acronis True Image to do the same thing. One recommendation to get over hardware differences was to use Microsofts Sysprep & here’s a link for it.

No no. The REAL recommendation is to just suck it up and reinstall on the new machine. Seriously.

OK I accept the point but I did say ONE recommendation. I’ll admit for my own systems I would do a reinstall but sometimes that might not be too practical so SYSREP is another way of doing it.

thx TimC, so that’s how to make “sp3”… i think i will give that a try, when the real sp3 is out.

Actually, I just want to restore the system in the same machine. But I don’t really want to test it cause if I screw up I will need to install again!! So I just want to know if hardware was really the problem or I did something wrong.

Seriously, I hardly screwed up XP. But sometimes u just want to get it back the smilely little os it was :stuck_out_tongue: