InstantCopy - Removing Extra Features



Hey guys, this may have already been answered - but I can’t seem to find it.

I’m using the Hidden Settings option of InstantCopy, and I want to be able to remove all the extra features…but still have one menu at the beginning that only says - “Play Movie.”

Is this possible to do? Because the problem I’m having, is that I can get to the screen that allows me to deselect the video files that I don’t want - I just can’t tell which files are the extra settings and their related menus. I also don’t know which file is the Main Menu that I want to keep.

If this isn’t possible, can anyone recommend some software that will allow me to do this?

Thanks for the help, any advice is appreciated :bigsmile:


well not sure if this will help ya or not … but i use dvd shrink (free ) and nero to burn all my movies … i found out that other software will sometimes fail cause of protection on the dvd …example … disney movies . I use dvd shrink to find out the extra’s and remove them i have not tried to get it just to do the movie and keep menu . But I have just copied the movie …you can reauthor …and first screen it will tell you what is the movie files and what is teh extra;s and even will tell you menu

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