InstantCopy pdi question

I changed Instantcopy’s pdi files to vob so I can view with PowerDVD (e.g. rename movie.pdi01 to movie.pdi01.vob), now when I check the properties, the file is type vob, could somebody tell me how can I change the file back to pdi, I deleted vob from the filename but it the filetype would not change back to pdi? thanks

u were able to add .vob to the end of the filenames, but u’re not able to remove them now? and what made u think that simply renaming the extension to .vob would make them viewable as vobs? that’s like adding .txt to the end of a jpg and trying to read it in notepad.

I think what he means is that having called them all *.VOB he doesn’t know which to rename *.PDI01 and which to rename *.PDI02, etc.

And neither do I! :stuck_out_tongue:

As a matter of interest, I did read somewhere that these files are VOBs, with some proprietary details in the header of the first one of the series.

I must say that Pinnacle’s choice of this format is one of the things that puts me off InstantCopy. It’s already slower than a lingering death, and then you have to waste even more time converting the PDIs to conventional DVD files if you want to check the thing out and optionally change something before burning.



You might try playing each VOB and trying to guess its order in the movie. Remember the first one is just *.PDI, followed by *.PDI01, and so on.

from what i understand, he didn’t change all the extensions to .vob, but rather he add .vob to the end of every filename. he said:

(e.g. rename movie.pdi01 to movie.pdi01.vob)

u wouldn’t normally be able to change all the extensions to .vob anyway, cuz the filename before the extension is the same for all of the files outputted by instantcopy (ie: movie.pdi, movie.p*, etc), so unless u move them into their own folders, u can’t have multiple files named movie.vob in the same folder.

the .pdi format is a multi-file image, so if u can imagine an iso split into 1gb files, that would be what instantcopy produces. u can easily mount this image with a little help from dvd decrypter rather than trying to extract the files. in dvd decrypter, go to Tools > Create DVD MDS File, add the first .pdi to the list, then click ok. this will create a .mds file with which u can mount the image using alcohol, daemon tools, etc, so that u can preview the output.

Whoops! Yes, silly me. You’re quite right.:o I wasn’t reading carefully enough.

The stuff about mounting the files as ‘images’ is all right as far as it goes, but they’re still read-only. Quite often I want to make some change or other, such as remove the FBI warning by using IFO Edit. Then, I have to work with the real files and it’s a pain.


thank you for your insights, sorry I didn’t make myself clearer earlier, here is from’s instantcopy manual:

"Once it’s done transcoding you’ll have a few .pdi files.
movie.pdi | movie.pdi01| movie.pdi02 | movie.pdi03 | movie.pdi04

Check transcoded video quality
The .pdi files can be burned directly to DVD-R with Instant Copy or you can quickly view them (everyone except the very first proprietary .pdi which contains 304 bytes at the beginning) by renaming them by appending .vob at the end of the filename and view that in PowerDVD. (e.g. rename movie.pdi01 to movie.pdi01.vob) "

after instantcopy churning out those pdi files, I always use Instantcopy Hidden Setting Editor’s PDITOOL to convert pdi files to conventional vob/vts files which took about 6 minutes so I can check out the video and burn with nero, this is more straightforward to me than doing the mounting thing

but for this movie, it is stuck 20 seconds into the movie so I did what was said in MrBass manual (changing the pdi to vob) to see if it’d play in PowerDVD, yes it became type vob by appending .vob at the end of pid filenames and can be played with no problem, so now I want to change the pdi.vob files back to pdi so I can burn it directly with instantcopy, but after deleting .vob from the filename, the file type remains vob, my original question is how to change its type back to pdi? thanks again

BTW I had deleted the original movie so I couldn’t do another encoding.

If all you’ve done is rename the file, thus:-

Foo.PDI01 -> Foo.PDI01.VOB

then renaming the file back again will restore its identity and usability, thus:

Foo.PDI01.VOB -> Foo.PDI01

You can do this in Windows Explorer, or whatever you used to do the original renaming. Make sure PowerDVD is closed, in case it has locked the files, and then select each file in turn in Explorer, hit F2 and change the extension.

I’m sure that’ll do the job.:wink: