Instantcopy main movie



I have instantcopy with update 3 and I tried to make a movie only of The Recruit(no menus or extras just english audio and subtitle). Used Dvddecrypter file mode and Dvdtoolbox to strip non-english audio and subtitles. Using instantcopy with hidden settings editor set to recommended, movie came out to 3.79Gb so I used instantcopy auto settings and got same size. I thought I would try something a little different and used hidden settings editor with DVDVideoSaveBorder set at 0%, DVDDestSize set at 5.00Gb and DVDDestDisplaySize set 5.00Gb. The movie came out to 4.29Gb.

P.S. I burned it to a dvd+rw with Dvddecrypter and the very end of the movie came out blocky and skipped or hesitated. Maybe pinnacle will come up with a fix for movie only option.