InstantCopy is absolute pants!

If you feel it is then it is probably because of one of the following

a) User ‘BUGS’

b) your computer is not setup to run it properly

c) you compare IC with menus included against a movie-only copy regarding quality

d) you are using the reg hack & using IC to butcher the DVD

e) you are keeping all the extras but not distributing % correctly in relevant order of importance

f) you cannot see the true quality difference to other similar transcoding software when allocated the same space due to your viewing components

I have absolutely no problems with it, and used properly along with DVDDecrypter/Ifoedit & Nero it is an excellent compression tool

If people would only post a little more info as to why they can’t get it to work then maybe others in this forum who use IC faultlessly can help to fix it

1.what’s the error?
2.what version IC/other programs you using? are you ripping it?
4.what OS have you got?
5.have you installed for one user or all?
6.are you using IC directly after stripping?
7.are you removing any titles?
8.what is your lowest % setting for any title?
9.any more useful info?

then this would help me & others to help them, but sadly that isn’t the case

I always feel people with negative thoughts towards this program are normally because they cannot get it to work to it’s full potential or just want a ONE BUTTON PRESS program

there is no other program available at the moment that will keep the same content with the same % reduction at a better quality than IC with the minimum of fuss

if all the above software is used correctly and the operator knows what he is doing and his OS is setup properly to run all the programs

admittedly there are a couple of problems, the filesize issue which is easily overcome and a few problem DVD’s but won’t there always be a few?, and some of the so called problem DVD’s are down to users & their methods/setup as they worked fine for others