Instant On?

Re: Panasonic DVD Recorder DMR-EZ27

It can take anywhere from 20 seconds to almost one minute
for this dvd recorder to turn on.

Is there a way to make this device turn on faster, like some
kind of “instant on” option?

I have the “quick start” option for dvd recording activated,
but when I just want to turn on the dvd recorder to watch
a dvd, the time it takes for this dvd recorder to turn on
is amazingly long (hopefully all dvd recorders aren’t this bad!).

Thanks for any tips.

The only [I]instant on[/I] with a EZ recorder is to leave it on. Truthfully leaving it ON only draws a couple watts less electricity than leaving OFF with instant ON enabled.
So personally I’d either leave On all the time, with auto off disabled or leave it off without instant on enabled. Note with the EZ’s the DVDR needs to be OFF to start a scheduled event, so you have to remember to turn it OFF if you’ve got a scheduled event coming up.

Instant on only really helps save time if using RAM discs and even then it only shaves the time in half, [I]not[/I] anything like [I]instant[/I] on:(