Instant copy update

Changes in this update:

  • AUDIO_TS folder is added for compatibility issues with various stand alone players

  • Volume Label on destination disc (editable in customize disc dialog)

  • Layer break on copied DVD gets removed

  • Fixed problems when removing sub pictures and audio streams

  • Fixed problems while creating overlay fixed (SID Error)

  • Fixed problems with parallel writing to multiple CD Burners

  • Fixed rare burning error “Buffer not found (x)”

Bleh, no fix for the undersize problem.

I just did a DVD and it came to 3.7GB

Just finished triple x size 4.435.079.168 bytes:)

Originally posted by t1955feb
Just finished triple x size 4.435.079.168 bytes:)


I did it last night using DVD Decrypter & DVD2one and could not believe how small the final VIDEO_TS file was for a 2hr film, quality looked OK but I might try it again using IC7 now. :wink:

Anybody figured out what those new Registry settings do?

What does this mean, for instance?

Defines the place reserved for not predicted video size in percent (Default: 6%)

I think the translation from German leaves something to be desired - plain English descriptions welcome! :confused:


i backed up xxx last night useing dvddecrypter and ic7 took about 4&half hrs and ic7 cut it down to about the same 4.4,i let ic7 do it automatically.wereas we are told for perfect copies you should configure settings for me i get perfect dvds just letting ic7 doing the settings for,after imageing with dvddecrpter on a dvd-9 i closedecrpter,open instant copy click on myimage on my c drive.i miss out configure settings and ic7 goes straight todvd image to dvd were it selects all the settings for audio and video,at the end after reading for seems hrs stops and asks for advd and then for hrs more writes the disc which in my vhs/dvd player for 2hs last night from 10pm-12pm plays a perfect dvd no configering for me useing ic7 configures automatically with a dvd-5 use dvddecrypter to image read and write the dvd. + also backed up minority report,tried men in black11 but dvddecrypter threw up a bad file 39.may try smartripper if i can find out how to work it. colin

that most likely means that it’s the slack they’re given it for error calculation. I think it’s best to reduce 6% down to say 2 or 3%…too early to say till tons more test it to see if they can’t get accurate results. I threw up a ton of the new registry tricks here if you prefer just double clicking


Thanks for that - and the registry settings.

I tried the new version on Matrix (always a good disc for persuading copying programs to enter hyperspace) and, sure enough, right at the end it exploded.

Matrix has some computer games and similar crappo onboard and, although I instructed IC to drop these items, it crashed after a couple of hours, saying with its dying breath that it couldn’t find one of them. Unsurprisingly.

I have to say that my own experience leads me inevitably to the conclusion that the only one of the current crop of such programs that is worth your hard earned shekels is DVD2One. Not much use to the 1:1 ‘I want it all’ brigade, I admit, but it does do what it sets out to do without problems.


Can anyone advise which are the best reg settings to use to get Instant Copy to generate a FULL 4.3gb disk image?,whichever setting I use in the program the image always comes out 3.9gb…

Thanks in advance

@ mrbass

Thanks ever so much for posting that great little bag of tricks! :smiley:


We were hoping that one of the Registry hacks (see above) would enable you to do just that. But they don’t:(

The current way to do it is to select the main movie (if that’s where you want the quality to go) and move the compression slider to the right until it says ~4.7Gb. It will turn red and the OK button will become disabled. Hit F5** to re-enable the key and see what happens.

It’s a bit hit and miss.


**You’ll need one of the aforesaid hacks (the ‘magic’ key, I think) to do this.

Thanks for the advice Peter - I cant believe that such a good program has such a major bug?

Hmmm. It depends what you mean by bug.

I think they’re just trying to save their support people a lot of earache from punters who’ve finished up with files that were too big!
Moreover, if you leave yourself enough elbow room you can keep a reasonably consistent bitrate throughout the movie. But if you don’t, and you guess wrong, then you’ve got to crank up the compression just before the end to make it all fit. This leads to visible artefacts at the end of any given footage - something DVD2One has been accused of.

Nevertheless, IC does seem always to finish up with 300Mb to spare. It’s a pity they haven’t given us the ability to amend whatever internal constant they use for estimation - at our own risk of course.


some are reporting if you set DVDSaveQuality from the default of 6% to 0% they’re getting the exact file size as they set. Worth a try. To me though IC I still think I’m only going to do menu (no choice there) and main movie and once in a blue moon an extra or two. Two me the quality of the main movie is the most important thing.

It wouldn’t surprise me.

I set the value to 2% and then copied XXX (PAL version) using a target datasize of 4.5Gb. I adjusted the compression of the main movie to do this. I think the only thing I discarded was the Hindi(!) audio/subs. I ended up with 4.35Gb.

Next time I’ll try with 0% and see what happens.

Incidentally, this DVD(XXX) has the dubious honour of being the first I’ve come across where the extras were more interesting than the actual movie! :smiley:


There’s a new IC Hidden Settings program…easier to change registry settings by The Mad Guy
look for it just under IC7.01reghacks

Hmm well DVDSaveQuality at 0 didn’t work for me. Settting slider to 4.6GB seems to work well though.

I like your guide [for IC]:slight_smile:

One thing I’m still not sure about is the User Prohibitions. With the other dialogs - audio and subs - you have, somewhat unintuitively - to check those that you don’t want. But what’s the position with Prohibitions? Do you tick them to retain them, or tick them to lose them?:confused:


tick to lose prohibitions

I think my settings are all clear - and I don’t believe I suffer any prohibitions. Looks like something I’m going to have to try - each way (unless, of course, you’ve already done so?)


Second thoughts - perhaps DVDDecrypter did the resetting? In which case, the settings in IC are immaterial;)


Originally posted by mrbass

Hmm well DVDSaveQuality at 0 didn’t work for me. Settting slider to 4.6GB seems to work well though.

What is the average size of the .pdi file you are getting when you set the slider to 4.60GB?

I ask this because when I’ve set it to 4.55GB (The Firm) my finished .pdi is still only 4.13GB, I tried the same film using the default 4.32GB setting and it would come out at only 4.00GB.

I guess I’m getting nearer! lmao :bigsmile: