Instant copy problems sound

Hi there: My name is Javier Peralta and I want your help. I want to back up my dvds to svcds. I bought instant copy. I ripped a DVD using Smart Ripper, files. Then opened instant copy, I pressed details and clicked on DVD, Destination SVCD. I do not have a DVD recorder so I want to back up my dvd to svcd. Everything went fine, the conversion went well, and the first cd was created with no problem. The video and sound were in sync. But the Video and Sound on the second and third cd were out of sync. The video moved first, followed by the sound. Does anybody know how to fix this? Thank you very much, Javier.

There are tools to fix if the sound is out of sync (e.g. with VirtualDub). Check the tutorial Chickenman wrote on this subject (

Too bad you already bought instant copy, since DVD2SVCD (in combination with TMpegENC or CCE) gives far better results than InstansCopy does…