Instant copy and Sex and The City

Anyone Tried to backup the first season?

if so was their any problems?, Coasters, ect.

what were the steps that you took?

please let me know, i am going to attempt to do my first multi episode disks and want to know how good instant copy really is and if i can expect som complications.


I did not try Sex and the city, but i backuped Six Feet Under without any problems with IC7 and DVD2ONE (+ Infoedit). Since Sex and the city are also from HBO, i think you should have no problem with them.

thanx for the info… when you say ic 7 and dvd2one do you mean you made a copy with each program or you had to use ic 7 then finish it up with dvd2one + ifo edit?


No i used the two set of programs just to see the differences. As for me there is not substancial difference. With IC7 you have the all DVD as the original (less quality) and with DVD2one + infoupdate you have just the episodes with no extras. DVD2ONE is very fast in doing the job, while with IC7 it takes near 4 hours to do the all process (ripping+transcoding+recording). I am happy with both programs. The advantage of IC7 for DVD which are episodes is that you don’t need another program, you just let IC7 do its job.

Sounds like i need IC7…got a link for it?

No, you don’t need IC7. DVD2One can do the job.

  1. You need too rip the movie to your hard disk.
  2. Go to the directory where you have rippe the disk and delete all *.ifo files you find there.
  3. Start IFOEDIT
  4. Click on “create ifo” click on “one PPGC only”. Click on “create chapter for each cell”. Click the square to the righ if the “1st Vob of the title set” box and find the directory on your hard disk that you have ripped the movie to. The 1st Vob of the title set is probably the first 1gig size Vob file - maybe VTS_01_1.VOB. Click on “same as source” for the destination of the new IFO. Click OK and Ifoedit will analyze all your Vob files and create one new ifo file.
  5. Use DVD2ONE to compress.
  6. Burn to a DVD.
  7. Possibly now you can enjoy it! Hopefully. LOL

If you want to use IC7. you can get a demo of the program (good for 15 days. Download on Pinnacle website or take a look at this website it gives you mirrors to download the demo and a guide.

No, you don’t need IC7. DVD2One can do the job.

I managed it, but it took a little more effort than alwaysilva suggested, my steps were

Rip Movie to HDD
Go to Folder and delete all .IFO files
Delete Unwanted VOBs (menus, etc)
rename VOBs so they are all consequitive (VTS_01_1.VOB - VTS_01_12.VOB) because otherwise DVD2One see’s each different numbered VTS (ie, VTS_01_* and VTS_02_*) as a different entity
Start at step 3 of alwaysilva’s instructions

Once all that is done, DVD2One works beautifully.

OOPS! Seems i was a touch hasty.

DVD2One worked perfectly on most of it.

It processed VTS_01_0.vob to T_VTS_01_9.VOB, but doesn’t do
VTS_01_10.vob and upwards. Must obviously use the 8.3 file naming convention.

Tried using VTS_01_A.vob, but that not recognised, VTS_1_0.vob isn’t recognised as a valid DVD File, and VTS_02_0 is seen as a different scene, and would require another DVD. So, if anyone has any ideas let me know, otherwise i’ll keep playing with the options till i get it working

Sorry I cant help, but was wondering if you got anywhere with this mate?

I havent seen a movie that has so many VOBs (or episodes) but no doubt will come across one! Would he helpful to know how you got round this - assuming you did!!

edit: Also, above you said to delete unwanted VOBs such as menus etc, well I was wondering how I would know or find out which were menus etc… does it just go bu file size and hazard a guess or is there a proper way!? Renaming them as you describe sounds easy enough as long as I get them the right way round :slight_smile:


Got nowhere, tis a pain, i will work it out

I can get the whole thing on one DVD, but the bookmarks just loop on the first episode…

windows media player seems to play the .VOB files, so i know what is what.