'Instant cd/dvd' problems / dvd shrink?



Hi all. Could someone please help me?. I have been burning disks with DVD Shrink and then using a pre installed program called ‘Instant CD/DVD’ that is on my ‘Time computer’ laptop. All has gone well for weeks but all of a sudden i am experiencing difficulties. The movies open/author and then backup no probs. I then place in the blank dvd and start the copy from the folder I saved the movie on - to the disk, the program reads through the file then at the end just before it starts transfering the files to the blank dvd disk it says that I need to “Insert a disc with enough space on it” I don’t understand this because the movies are all less than 4.3g and my dvd disks are all above 4.7gb. I have tried several makes of blank disk and it still gives me the same error each time. Could someone please make my day and tell me what is wrong ?
Thanks guys


You could try this: Set DVDShrink to output an ISO instead of files and enable burning with DVDDecrypter.

Hmm, I got Instant CD/DVD with my first DVD burner. Kinda bloated and buggy, didn’t keep it long. Maybe someone has a fix for you, but I’d dump it. DVDDecrypter is small, free, and reliable. :wink:

To convert files to ISO image, use ImgTool Classic (free).