Installing Yuri's revenge on a W2k machine without admin

Hey there,
I was trying to install Yuri’s revenge on a college pc for some multiplayer LAN fun. Slight problem in that you can’t do so without administrative privileges…which I don’t have. So, what to do?.. I came up with a great plan, which turned out not to work. Maybe somebody has an idea why? This is what I did -

I checked the install directory on my home pc and found an uninstall log. This told me that all the files were in the install folder. (No sneaky dlls hiding out in system32). So I zipped them all up and burned them onto an rw.

Next up registry entries. Obviously the serial code had to go somewhere. So I searched for all Westwood or Yuri entries and exported them to .reg files (the serial is stored there somewhere, although it has been encrypyted). Thinking that was all there was to it, I went off to college (with my original Yuri’s revenge cd), extracted the files to the same location on my victim machine, merged the .reg files with the database and popped the original cd in the cd-rom drive.

Next problem, need administrative priveleges to run the game. I wondered how windows knew not to allow me run it and thought maybe it was due to the copy-protection. So I downloaded a no-cd fix and tried that. It didn’t work quite as planned (it still needed the cd in the drive) but hey presto, the game would now load and run. I pondered my genius briefly and settled down to play. But my feelings of infinite genius were short lived. After about 20-40 seconds all my units exploded.

Why could this be I wondered. So I set about searching google for an answer. After a while I found something that might indicate the problem. Somebody else had tried editing their registry to change their serial code and had ended up with the same problem. So obviously the game saw this and decided to punish him. Quite sneakily.

Now my problem is that I am using MY ORIGINAL cd with the registry entries for MY OWN serial code (which I have shared with no-one and which works at home).

Anybody any ideas what I have missed? Was this just a stupid idea in the first place?

Many thanks in advance for any help!

i’m pretty sure u’ll need to have administrative control over the computer in order to install it. the whole point of having non-admin accounts is to prevent people from messing around with the computer who shouldn’t be doing so.

the problem is that you used a crack. thread closed.