Installing your registration key when you purchase

Follow these steps.

Look guys, and in case no one has noticed, which apperantly alot of you haven’t, SP2 included a new security feature thats stop’s applications or registry entries from being merged and alot of developers haven’t updated their readme’s, it’s no secret and a pretty easy fix, if your running service pack 2 you’ll need to right click on the key you receive from slysoft or element 5 and then goto properties look at the bottom you’ll see a button to “unblock” the file, this will remove the problem of getting the key to properly merge. Either by double clicking and mergeing or right click and merge.

If your running service pack 2 you will have to do this to rar, zip, reg, bat or any other file XP SP2 deems is a threat.

There are way too many threads about this key problem don’t ya think?

Seems that most people don’t have any problem registering without this. I knew the feature was there, but never had to unblock any file so far.

I did, then what do you think the problem is with all these registration problems on just this page alone, if you didn’t have problems thats fine, but search and see how many problems there are.

If your didn’t have problems then this post evidently isn’t for you.

There are more than eleven problems on this one page alone. So don’t say it isn’t a problem when apperantly it is, or could very well be.

Interesting! I wonder how SP2 knows, that .CloneDVD and .AnyDVD are registry entries, they should be associated with RegCloneDVD.exe / RegAnyDVD.exe and not RegEdit.exe
I can’t see this “Unblock” button in any remote/downloaded file on my XP2 machines, is this a feature which needs to be turned on?

I can’t find the option on either one of my reg keys either. I have seen it on some files, but not on the CloneDVD and AnyDVD keys.

Does your key have a red fox on it or does it look like a registry entry/file ?


As Olli said “I can’t see this “Unblock” button in any remote/downloaded file on my XP2 machines, is this a feature which needs to be turned on?”

I too don’t have an unblock button when checking properties of the reg keys or zip files on my machine. I am running SP2 with all updates, I was never aware this feature was there. Is it at all possible it is Services related where myself and others may have something disabled there?

Hello Folks,

I believe the Security Unblock feature that Forum member kamikazee is referring to is a feature of the Windows XP SP2 Firewall. The Windows Firewall blocks E-Mail attachments and you have to “Unblock” the E-Mail attachment (AnyDVD/CloneDVD/CloneCD Registration Key).

I believe Elaborate Bytes and SlySoft needs to rewrite their Registration Key installation instructions and address the effect of the Windows XP SP2 Firewall on E-Mail attachments. It should be noted that the Windows XP SP2 Firewall is installed by default. Many Widows XP SP2 novice users will have the Widows XP SP2 Firewall activated and will have E-Mail attachments blocked by default. As Forum member kamikazee has pointed out it take user intervention to “unblock” the AnyDVD/CloneDVD/CloneCD Registration Key.

I hope Olli and James view this posting and understand what is happing to the AnyDVD/CloneDVD/CloneCD Registration Keys sent to computers that have the Windows XP SP2 Firewall activated.

Also something similar happens to computers that have some Anti-Virus software programs that quarantine E-Mail attachments. I believe Elaborate Bytes and SlySoft needs to rewrite their Registration Key installation instructions and provide detailed information for novice customers concerning the effects of the Widows XP SP2 Firewall and various Anti-Virus software programs have on E-Mail attachments.

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Wow, this is really interesting! I never saw this, because the first thing I always do is disable the Windows XP SP2 firewall (IMHO it is completely useless, because it does not stop outgoing traffic initiated by a trojan horse.)
Thank you very much for the information, bjkg!

I tried to “block” the email attachment by enabling SP2 Firewall, but it didn’t work. Do I need some special email client? I am using Mozilla Thunderbird.

When i go into properties of my key i have the unblock button, i also have sp2 and have disabled windows firewall & use OE. Olli, same opinion here about windows firewall :Z

Maybe it is not a Windows Firewall, but an OE feature. I’ll check…

Which key? What is the filename of this key? Does it end with .key or .reg or .CloneDVD or .AnyDVD?

The file name is ‘anydvdkey.anydvd’
I have a few of them as backup, some of them don’t have the ‘unblock’ but one does.
I do remember going back into the Element5 site and i was able to resend myself the key, i have since been into Element5’s site and that option is now no longer available, so this one maybe the one with the ‘unblock’, file name of original is ‘key.anydvd’.

hope this helps

edit; i have pressed the unblock button and it is now like the others, no unblock, now with read only & hidden boxes

@ Olli,

I actually am not fully aware of Windows XP SP2 Firewall because although I have Windows XP SP2 installed on two computers I do not use Windows XP SP2 Firewall. I use Sygate Personal Firewall-Add Muncher-Linksys Firewall Router.

Ok that being said I looked in Widows XP Control Panel and under the “Configure The Windows Firewall” Icon I clicked on that Icon. A popup window appears and in the lower left-hand corner of that window there is “What Else Should I Know About Windows Firewall”. I clicked on that and a “Help and Support Center” narrative window appears. In this narrative there is the following statement – “What Windows Firewall Does - Asks for your permission to block or unblock certain requests”.

That’s all my knowledge concerning the Windows XP SP2 Firewall because as stated above I do not use it. I am unaware if this Windows XP SP2 Firewall security feature reported by Forum member kamikazee is some how tied to Windows XP SP2 Firewall/Outlook Express/Internet Explorer.

I would suggest that forum member kamikazee step forward and educate us all and provide amplifying information concerning this Windows XP SP2 “Unblock” security feature.

Best Regards,

Sending and reading e-mail is one of the most popular activities on the Internet. The widespread use of this technology, however, makes it a primary way for computer viruses to spread. Because viruses and other security threats are often contained in e-mail attachments, Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) helps protect your computer by blocking e-mail attachments that might be harmful.

In most cases, Windows XP SP2 will block files that have the potential to harm your computer if they come to you through e-mail or other communication programs. Windows will block these files if your program is running in a strong security mode. Most files that contain script or code that could run without your permission will be blocked. Some common examples of this file type are those with file names that end in .exe, .bat, and .js.

Blocking these files is very important to do, since directly opening files of this type poses a risk to your computer and personal data.

Is there any way I can open files that have been blocked?

If you are certain that you trust this file and want to open it, follow the instructions below.

Save the file onto your computer.
Click Start, click My Computer, and navigate to the file that you saved.
Right-click the file that you saved, and then click Properties.
Click Unblock near the bottom of the dialog box.

The reason it was added was because the slew of nasty worms/virus’s that were released, they got alot of people, so Microsoft saw fit to themselves determine what files would be harmful and blocked them, they want to make sure that you know what your opening so they added an extra step to force people to understand what the certain file was and where it was from, alot of the blocking procedure is based on the type of file and signature, the type of file being the prominent factor, anything that could cause a danger to the system is blocked.

Although it specifically states email this also applies to files transferred thru messenger, aim and downloads. So anything thats downloaded that could be harmful is blocked. The second paragraph doesn’t define communication programs, so it’s open for interpretation.

It hasn’t effected older files, so if they’ve been on your system awhile they won’t be blocked, I keep my serial number’s stored off my computer on floppies they haven’t been blocked as of yet.

Can it be turned off…no
can it be avoided, sure use a different browser, not IE
It’s on by default when SP2 is installed
it only effects files that didn’t come from your own computer, so anything you generate on your system and use on your system is deemed safe, try sending it to someone else and it will be blocked if it is deemed dangerous.

and here’s a fix for outlook:

I don’t think it will solve the problem for anything bout outlook tho.

The thing that confuses everyone is simple they click the file unzip it and a text file or harmless file is unzipped, for instance vso sends a zipped email it contains the reg entry and the readme for installation, when it’s unzipped only the read me is unzipped not the reg file.

I hope this helps explain just a bit better.

The same files that IE blocked upon download were not blocked by firefox.

@ kamikazee,

Thank you for taking the time to provide this information. You have explained the Windows XP SP2 Firewall “Unblock” mystery.

I hope that Olli and they SlySoft Folks will view this thread and from the information you have provided will be able to figure out a way to convey this information to novice customers who have the Windows XP SP2 Firewall activated.

Best Regards,

Thanks to kamikazee and all that contributed in expalining this mystery.

I too have never used XP firewall and use Sygate Pro.


thank you for explaining this in more detail. At least I know, that the problem is not related to the Windows XP Firewall, but to the added “remote file security” feature of SP2.