Installing Xp Pro instead of Millenium

Hi everyone, I wanted to know what would be the proper way of installing xp pro on a system that had millenium on it, do I need a boot up disk? If so where do I get it, thanks and I hope some one can respond back to me, thanks.

No bootdisc needed just boot from xp cd-rom (might have to go into bios and set cd-rom as first boot device)

I hope you mean HAD…don’t put XP Pro on top of ME. Do a fresh install. In case that’s what you were going to do.

WEll that is the issue I am right now, I can’t figure out which button is for the bios, esc, delte, f1 not sure. anyone got suggestions, the comp is a dell dimension 8100 desktop.

try f2 f6 f8 f10 f12. one will work. just mash them all and it will take you there (during the dell screen on load.

With recent Dell’s, such as the 8xxx series, its usually F2, but ckin seems to have the right idea :wink:

my 8100 turned 3 in august. its hardly recent :wink:

By recent I didn’t mean in terms of change in technology of parts/peripherals(CPU, RAM, etc…), but of how frequent companies change a scheme for the BIOS and what key to press to access BIOS upon POST, I noticed this hardley changes, maybe on an avg scale of 5 years but thats just an off-shot eduactaed guess… of course I could be wrong :eek:

Not sure if this reply was to me but of course i ment format first (windows me is bad enough without anything ontop of it) what i ment was boot from cd-rom not floppy.
btw on both my computers i have to hold down DEL to get into bios…