Installing XP on your pre-set Vista

Hi there,

Well, I was trying to do this with my HP laptop. Vista is installed on drive C.

First I created a separate partition of 5 gb for Windows XP.

After that I created a new volume with the drive letter X.

Now, when I restart my computer with my Windows XP CD and when I get at the part to select a drive to install Windows XP, the only drive visible is C (Vista).

Any ideas on how to make my drive X visible ?

How did you make the partition?

ok mate what you do, is boot up the OS you can, and go on google and search: vistaboot pro, install it and install dualboot, you have to run the diognostics first, this will allow you to boot up both OS’s

Buddy, First of All, New Hp Laptops are coming up with iSCSi Hard Drive, thats actually not supported by Windows Xp until you get Driver for it in Floppy disk :a hihi, but yes & then even if you got it & install XP, then after that Vista is not going to be boot up & as it’s bootloader got changed & Win XP bootloader is not going to boot Win Vista, so You have to again repair it with Vista Cd.

Lots of Tech knowledge required to do this or yes you can do it as by, putting the driver in CD itself by any of Unattended Software & You are going to Rock with Xp on Hp. Cool :wink: